Definition of crispbread in English:



  • A thin, savoury biscuit made from crushed rye or wheat.

    • ‘Reaching for fruit, yoghurt, raisin toast or wholemeal crispbreads more often than for high-energy, nutrient-poor choices will help to keep you in shape.’
    • ‘I do not care how rich you are, or how indecisive, but I do know this: when you dither with your trolley examining the crispbreads at the only point of the biscuit and cracker aisle adjacent to a massive great pillar, no-one can pass.’
    • ‘Danish food includes a wide variety of fish, meat, bread, cheese, and crispbreads.’
    • ‘In the highly baked, unleavened rye crispbreads of Scandinavia the faintly bitter natural flavour of rye comes through pleasantly.’
    • ‘All there except that the suppliers sent the wrong crispbreads and the crackers were out of stock.’
    • ‘If they do, steer clear of foods like crispbreads, muesli and nuts which scrape over inflamed areas, and avoid hot spices, chillies and any strong flavours.’
    • ‘Instead of toying with a boring crispbread or so-called ‘low-fat’ chocolate bar for your New Year diet, opt for unprocessed quality food that has not been intensively produced.’
    • ‘For the main course, what about the rosemary-grilled artichokes with Parmesan crispbreads, avocado and cherry tomato salsa served with a goats cheese and cannellini bean mousse?’
    • ‘The study focused on potatoes, crisps, breakfast cereals and rye crispbreads - but experts say other foods, including meat, may be at risk.’
    • ‘Breakfast was self-service, with rolls and rye bread and crispbread, hams and cheese, and pots of pickled herring and caviar as well as cereals, dried fruits, and jams.’
    • ‘If you suffer from morning sickness, try the following home remedies: nibble on a ginger biscuit before getting up and try to eat a little something often - perhaps a biscuit, oatcake or crispbread.’
    • ‘I don't want the threatened crispbread even with raisins in.’
    • ‘Every Thursday, for example, there was thick pea soup with ham and mustard with fresh, crunchy rye crispbreads followed by pancakes and berries.’
    • ‘Have a dry crispbread, cracker or piece of plain toast to keep your system ‘ticking over’.’
    • ‘They were looking for food at night, and I often joked that in fact they were even desperate for any type of food, including a crispbread called Ryvita.’
    • ‘Dry crispbreads tend to swell in the stomach so are good for dieting.’
    • ‘Experts at the University of York found ‘significant levels’ of the substance acrylamide in basic foodstuffs such as potatoes, crisps, crispbreads and breakfast cereals.’
    • ‘Someone who is never phased when they put the crispbread next to the cat food in Woolworths.’
    • ‘Ten minutes later, while attempting to spread peanut butter on crispbread, the packet leaped off the shelf and a thousand wholemeal arrows hailed down on me.’
    • ‘Rice cakes and crispbreads can be spread with low fat cream cheese or try mashed banana and then pile sliced fruit on top.’