Definition of Crinoidea in English:


plural noun

  • A class of echinoderms that comprises the sea lilies and feather stars. They have slender feathery arms and (in some kinds) a stalk for attachment, and were abundant in the Palaeozoic era.

    • ‘The trophic history of the Crinoidea is well preserved in the fossil record.’
    • ‘This study reports the mtDNA sequence and genome map for a member of the echinoderm class Crinoidea, or feather stars, that is generally considered to represent a primitive echinoderm lineage.’
    • ‘The Crinoidea as a whole is regarded as monophyletic, but from whence this clade was derived and where it fits within the Echinodermata are matters of debate.’
    • ‘Important taxa removed from the Crinoidea since 1978 include the coronate echinoderms; the Hemistreptocrinoidea, and Echmatocrinus.’
    • ‘Especially important concerns are homology of aboral cup plates, origination of the Crinoidea, early morphologic diversification, phylogeny of the cladids, and definition and early phylogeny of the Articulata.’


Modern Latin (plural), from Greek krinoeidēs ‘lily-like’, from krinon ‘lily’.