Definition of crinkly in English:



  • Full of creases or wrinkles; wrinkled.

    ‘brown crinkly paper’
    • ‘A lean, balding man with pale green eyes and a quick, crinkly smile, he is strikingly ordinary in appearance, but flashes of his screen characters surface constantly as he talks.’
    • ‘In summer the fabrics would be stiff and crinkly.’
    • ‘The stove, which seems to be getting cranky and erratic, refused to cooperate with my desire for roasted potatoes, cooking them well enough but refusing to put a good crinkly crispy coat on them.’
    • ‘The first man was described as being black, about 50 to 55-years-old, with crinkly hair and possibly wearing a tweed jacket.’
    • ‘I'm a little bit more crinkly now and older, maybe not wiser though.’
    wrinkled, wrinkly, crinkled, crumpled, rumpled, creased, crimped, corrugated, fluted, gathered, puckered, furrowed, ridged, grooved, rippled, wavy, kinked, kinky
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