Definition of crimper in English:



  • 1A person or thing that crimps.

    • ‘Warm up your hair crimper, put on a headband and give it a spin!’
    • ‘Before I saw your crimper roller in last month's New Farm article, I was planning to sickle mow the wheat next spring prior to hand transplanting.’
    • ‘Recommendations include not using crimpers on hay intended for horses.’
    • ‘Run a dough crimper along the edge of the beignet.’
    • ‘Limit the use of hot blow-drying, crimpers, and curling irons.’
    • ‘The strike of the shoe-treers and crimpers for higher wages involved nine firms in Spencer.’
    • ‘As coated stents become more widely used, it is time to address contamination and product defect issues associated with traditional crimpers.’
    • ‘A tool that already existed for decorating ceramics, a rouletting wheel is similar to a pie crimper in both appearance and function.’
    • ‘Using the correct setting on the crimpers squeeze down on the fitting to crimp and secure it to the cable.’
    • ‘The same is true for styling tools like hot curlers, curling irons or crimpers.’
    • ‘For example a 1 1/2-inch-wide strip of colored paper run through the crimper, then secured with a staple and embellished with a flower, becomes a festive napkin ring.’
    • ‘These crimpers make fabrication of your own hose assemblies quick and easy, with quality results.’
    • ‘A whole slew of peripheral suppliers also unveiled new gadgets, from fire pressure control technology to crimpers, bars and trailers.’
    • ‘She went downstairs into the bathroom to turn her hair crimper on.’
  • 2informal A hairdresser.

    ‘the celebrity crimper has built up such a loyal following’
    • ‘Corrie crimpers Candice and Maria, played by Nikki Sanderson and Samia Ghadie, were helping to launch drive to encourage people to get off their sofas and walk their way back into a healthy life.’
    • ‘Now her locks are layered and feathered by Udo Walz, a celebrity crimper.’
    • ‘As they are being snipped and pampered in a South London beauty parlour, crimper Paul teases out the secrets as he cuts and blows.’
    • ‘He had a growing client list and was making a real name for himself as a celebrity crimper and ‘top London hairdresser’ as the papers referred to him.’
    • ‘The celebrity crimper is trimming back his property portfolio.’
    • ‘News has filtered through that celebrity crimper Charles Worthington is now up to his clippers in cash.’
    • ‘The pay isn't as bad as some people think - salaries start at around £15,000 - but only the top crimpers who own their own salons can hope to make a lot of money.’
    • ‘A hairdresser is on a mission to rescue the public from cowboy crimpers.’