Definition of crimeware in English:



mass noun
  • A type of malicious software designed to carry out or facilitate illegal online activity.

    ‘old-school malware written for glory has given way to a new era of ‘crimeware’ designed for spamming, data theft, or extortion’
    • ‘One survey estimated that in 2005, losses from crimeware were in excess of 20 million pounds.’
    • ‘Cybercriminals are increasingly sending fake emails that pretend to be from security software companies and banks, in a bid to trick users into downloading crimeware onto their computers.’
    • ‘Crimeware can wait for the user to log into their account at a financial institution, then drain the account behind the scenes.’
    • ‘Many - if not most - of the people benefiting from crimeware are simply not getting caught.’
    • ‘Details of more than 500,000 online bank accounts and credit and debit cards have reportedly been stolen by a virus described as "one of the most advanced pieces of crimeware ever created."’
    • ‘The program tries to save people from themselves by blocking the inadvertent downloading of crimeware on computers.’
    • ‘Crimeware can surreptitiously install keystroke loggers to collect sensitive data login and password information for online bank accounts, and report them back to the thief.’
    • ‘The emergence of commercial-grade crimeware is arguably the number one threat to the financial community, and that threat shows no signs of letting up.’
    • ‘Crimeware can have a significant economic impact due to loss of sensitive and proprietary information, not to mention the associated financial losses.’
    • ‘Crimeware can enable remote access into applications, allowing criminals to break into networks for malicious purposes.’
    • ‘Once an identity is stolen, it is used to access a computer user's online accounts, completing unauthorized transactions that enrich the thief controlling the crimeware.’
    • ‘There are few viable options to combat crimeware's success in undermining today's technologies.’
    • ‘Sixty thousand new malicious software variants are detected every day, thanks in part to a new breed of crimeware that makes stealing passwords about as hard as setting up a web page.’
    • ‘Cybercriminals use a variety of techniques to steal confidential data through their crimeware.’
    • ‘With today's criminal attacks, financial institutions must start with the assumption that their customers' computers are infected with crimeware.’
    • ‘Crimeware's objective is to steal, not just infect.’
    • ‘One of the freeware tools he downloaded, which allowed him to place a Web counter on his site, was now inadvertently exposing his visitors to malicious crimeware.’
    • ‘We now have a limitless number of individual criminals or hostile states from around the globe capable of using crimeware within our technologies.’
    • ‘Most commonly, crimeware is spread by tricking users into running code that they got in email attachments or downloaded from a malicious web site.’
    • ‘Criminals are learning new and unusual ways to obtain personal information, like using crimeware or credit card skimming.’