Definition of crimen injuria in English:

crimen injuria


South African
  • A wilful injury to someone's dignity, caused by the use of obscene or racially offensive language or gestures.

    • ‘According to sources the constable is being investigated on charges of assaulting a police officer, crimen injuria and drunkenness.’
    • ‘Sampson had several other cases against him, including assault, crimen injuria and malicious damage to property.’
    • ‘If a person is convicted of crimen injuria and cannot afford to pay the R100 to come out of prison, he is then forced to be in an environment where he is sexually assaulted and victimised.’
    • ‘Gunn said the charges ranged from intimidation, assault by threats, crimen injuria and contraventions of the Post Office Act.’
    • ‘The woman pleaded guilty to crimen injuria and was fined R1500 in court.’


Latin, from crimen ‘accusation’ + injuria ‘indignity’.


crimen injuria

/ˌkrʌɪmən ɪnˈdʒuːrɪə/