Definition of cribellum in English:



  • (in some spiders) an additional spinning organ with numerous fine pores, situated in front of the spinnerets.

    • ‘Cribellate silk is combed out from the cribellum using the calamistrum, a group of specialized, curved setae on the metatarsus of the fourth leg.’
    • ‘The cribellum is a cigar-shaped plate on the underside of the abdomen, in front of the spinnerets.’
    • ‘Six spinnerets with different types of spigots and a specialised spinning organ called the cribellum.’
    • ‘The cribellum kept the original function (making spinning threads), the colulus not.’
    • ‘When a Uloborus emerges from an egg sac, its cribellum is not formed and it can not produce capture threads until it molts (sheds its exoskeleton) and enters the next developmental stage.’


Late 19th century: from late Latin, diminutive of cribrum ‘sieve’.