Definition of crib time in English:

crib time


mass nounNZ, Australian
  • A break during a working day.

    ‘the hours were 35 per week, including 30 minutes paid crib time daily’
    • ‘The shift boss yells "Righto", which is the signal that crib time is over.’
    • ‘On two occasions he had had to speak to them about knocking off fifteen minutes before the stipulated cribtime.’
    • ‘At crib time, he sat on a slag heap with his father and Snow, eating sandwiches and drinking tin mugs of sweetened cold tea.’
    • ‘Shift workers shall be allowed up to 30 minutes' cribtime during the shift but the machinery shall be kept fully working and production shall not be impeded.’
    • ‘Crib-time comes and the mates get together at the bottom of the shaft to share a candle.’