Definition of crib death in English:

crib death


  • North American term for cot death
    • ‘But this joyous occasion was soon met with sorrow, when the infant died suddenly of crib death.’
    • ‘Your mother told you he died - she probably said crib death.’
    • ‘The book follows Carl Streator, a reporter assigned to a story about a series of crib deaths.’
    • ‘Sally and Phil, a young couple living in a Greenwich Village tenement, have just lost their baby daughter in crib death, and the atmosphere in which the weekend guests find themselves is fraught.’
    • ‘For the record, that summer I turned 13, I had two sisters, one living brother and one brother who had died from crib death.’
    • ‘We had a young woman agent in Chicago who got very upset when she lost a baby to crib death.’
    • ‘KING: son I think that died of crib death.’
    • ‘SIDS, also called crib death or cot death, occurs when babies suffocate accidentally or stop breathing in an event called sleep apnea.’
    • ‘Previously Louis has managed to cheat crib death, drowning and other calamities, one for each year of his life, but just now he has tumbled down a cliff while picnicking with his estranged parents.’
    • ‘Some consider France the cradle of the arts, and that's probably true since French art accurately depicts the emotional trauma of crib death.’
    • ‘In a couple of wondrously deft pages, he tracks a complex history of a half-century of concern for the mysterious crib deaths that came to be called Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.’
    • ‘Although it's unclear why, several European studies have found this strategy decreases crib deaths.’
    • ‘Her refusal resulted in her becoming the lover of many demons, the seducer of men, and the source of crib death.’
    • ‘The other half of the team is Streator, a journalist writing a feature on crib death, who has discovered that an African lullaby is killing babies, and anyone else it's recited to.’
    • ‘Because review of previous studies failed to establish a clear association between ALTE and SIDS, the panel recommended discarding previously used terms, including ‘near-miss SIDS’ or ‘aborted crib death.’’
    • ‘Is crib death best prevented by putting the baby down on its back, side, or stomach?’
    • ‘Can't wait for his position paper on crib death.’
    • ‘Gone to the funeral of the latest victim of crib death or teen suicide?’


crib death