Definition of crested newt in English:

crested newt

(also great crested newt)


  • A large Eurasian newt, the male of which has a tall crest along the back and tail during the breeding season.

    Triturus cristatus, family Salamandridae

    Also called warty newt
    • ‘They hope to do project work with local schools on animals, birds and conservation, and one idea is to establish a colony of rare smooth and crested newts.’
    • ‘Great crested newts are Britain's biggest newt and they can grow to 17 cm.’
    • ‘He said that the only other creatures to have similar levels of protection in the country were great crested newts and bats.’
    • ‘A conservation area could soon be turned into a thriving habitat for the endangered great crested newt.’
    • ‘An additional survey is also to be carried out on the land to ensure the protection of some great crested newts, which live in the area.’