Definition of crescent wrench in English:

crescent wrench


North American
  • An adjustable spanner designed to grip hexagonal nuts, with an adjusting screw fitted in the crescent-shaped head of the spanner.

    • ‘Tighten down the coupling nut onto the valve using two crescent wrenches.’
    • ‘Then bolt the lag screws in, using a socket or crescent wrench.’
    • ‘This wrench, sometimes know as the crescent wrench, is invaluable when working with taps and faucets.’
    • ‘You can use a large crescent wrench to twist the hardware.’
    • ‘You may want to hang a crescent wrench next to the main valve to avoid searching for the tool in an emergency.’
    • ‘Step 2: Remove the supply lines with a crescent wrench.’
    • ‘Just getting into the thing requires two crescent wrenches and a jar of Vaseline.’