Definition of crêpe paper in English:

crêpe paper


mass noun
  • Thin, crinkled paper resembling crêpe, used especially for making decorations.

    • ‘You could make one at home of nearly equal value yourself, using an old cornflakes packet and some crêpe paper.’
    • ‘Drape the traditional black and orange crêpe paper from the ceilings and door frames and hang up some of those fake spiders and bats for added effect.’
    • ‘We were given crêpe paper to make hats, lanterns and crackers and Mrs Archer would provide us with a sweet or a nut to put in the cracker.’
    • ‘He returns soon after with normal sheets for my colleagues, and a different, crêpe paper sheet for me.’
    • ‘There were pink balloons in the foyer and vases full of pink tulips on every available surface, and pink crêpe paper was spun from the beams and light fixtures.’


crêpe paper