Definition of credal in English:


(also creedal)


  • Relating to a statement of Christian or other religious belief.

    ‘differences in credal formulation between the two traditions’
    • ‘In doing so, however, they had to rebel against the creedal orthodoxies of the more established Calvinist churches.’
    • ‘Sadly, that same document has now come to be used as a creedal statement demanding adherence by Baptist scholars and denying academic freedom.’
    • ‘The current unhappy divisions among some bishops of the Anglican Communion has this issue of creedal Christianity and propositional revelation at its root.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, the powerful reminder of the link between credal formulation and liturgical adoration remains.’
    • ‘In contrast to the old creedal Calvinist churches that stressed the importance of obeying God's law as expressed in the church creed, the new ‘pietism’ was very different.’
    • ‘Baptist schools of theology, when based on a particular statement of faith become creedal institutions.’
    • ‘Nor does the completion of the canon of Scripture rule out the use of credal statements as tests of orthodoxy and summaries of Scriptural teaching.’
    • ‘I have shaped the structure of these reflections in accord with the creedal affirmation and the five promises made by those who wish to renew their commitment to Christ in the baptismal covenant.’
    • ‘A longer creedal statement follows in verses 11-13.’
    • ‘The religion of the Greeks and the Romans was not creedal; it was an affair of rituals and practices.’
    • ‘In this latter view, absolute truth and creedal faith are seen as fundamentalisms that not only oppress but foster violence.’
    • ‘Unlike other Christian groups, I am told that Baptists do not sing or recite the Nicene Creed or use other creedal statements in their common worship.’
    • ‘Why, then, is it important to include this clause as part of the church's credal articulation?’
    • ‘The ‘faith’ is not simply a set of doctrinal propositions, creedal affirmations, and moral codes.’
    • ‘Some of these historians are now claiming that they believed in giving ‘different theories’: but why not give at least the basic facts if not different theories about the other credal beliefs?’
    • ‘The creedal formulations, with their concern to clarify and define, grew out of a need to make sense of an experience of God as Father, Son and Spirit.’
    • ‘In today's baptismal service, all who are present are invited to participate in the creedal affirmation of faith.’
    • ‘Some will reply that they will be delighted to have an Archbishop who asserts central credal doctrines.’
    • ‘For much of the history of the church, this creedal pattern gave rise to the classical trinitarian structure in theological construction.’
    • ‘The creedal issue has revived as well, as the Evangelicals have recently called for a formulation of a confession of faith.’