Definition of creature comforts in English:

creature comforts

plural noun

  • Material comforts that contribute to physical ease and well-being, such as good food and accommodation.

    ‘you're a long way from home and the only creature comforts you have are a television’
    • ‘Physical safety and creature comforts exact a terrible price in that regard.’
    • ‘What makes the usual and expected standards of physical well-being and creature comforts unimportant to so many people at the same time?’
    • ‘Like her, I'm not at all embarrassed to say I hold creature comforts high on my list of ‘musts.’’
    • ‘Shouldn't I be willing to sacrifice creature comforts in favor of working to change things for those who have less?’
    • ‘For the moment, those dreams largely mean material happiness and creature comforts, rather than children or community.’
    • ‘So, here I am, suffering for my passion, yet not wanting to give up the creature comforts and pseudo-stability that I now feel in my current position.’
    • ‘For many people this means tightening the belt a bit, cutting back on the creature comforts and simply making inroads into the credit card bill.’
    • ‘All these creature comforts are there to be enjoyed by a couple of foxy-haired wiry mongrels and five lithe greyhounds that come bounding out the doorway.’
    • ‘Corsicans love their food and creature comforts.’
    • ‘At Guantanamo, by contrast, interrogators can reward cooperators with better food, more creature comforts and favorable plea bargains.’
    • ‘We have a biological existence, through which we experience the vital values of creature comforts, physical ease, agreeableness, adaptability and corporeal pleasures.’
    • ‘The fabric inside makes it seem like you are actually in your bed, surrounded by a big lovely duvet, so you are unaware when you fall asleep that you are without your usual creature comforts.’
    • ‘Are there any others out there ready to give up the creature comforts of materialism and strike back for the working class?’
    • ‘Like with so many other traditional craft-forms, what was once an essential part of everyday life has, in our age of greater creature comforts, become mainly a hobby and craft.’
    • ‘What are the creature comforts you have on the bus?’
    • ‘But don't worry; you don't need to forego your creature comforts.’
    • ‘No matter how many creature comforts we accumulate, no matter how secure we think we are, we know that something is wrong, terribly wrong.’
    • ‘As far as creature comforts go, food is not in short supply, but it is most definitely not a holiday highlight.’
    • ‘In this class of accommodation expect to find all the creature comforts associated with rated accommodation.’
    • ‘He may have liked women too, but not as much as his creature comforts, and he kept an eye peeled for opportunities to make himself rich.’


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