Definition of creation science in English:

creation science


mass noun
  • The reinterpretation of scientific knowledge in accord with belief in the literal truth of the Bible, especially regarding the origin of matter, life, and humankind.

    • ‘Instead they argue that creation science fits the evidence every bit as well as the alternatives.’
    • ‘Master of seven languages, he was also an original thinker and one of the great pioneering figures of creation science.’
    • ‘But intelligent design, which spreads doubt about evolution without being too overtly religious, may succeed where creation science failed.’
    • ‘Ben has a great passion for creation science, particularly astronomy, and is also becoming quite knowledgeable on computers.’
    • ‘In retrospect, the movie almost reads like a stealth defense of creation science.’
    • ‘Are you pleased then to see the various creation science movements throughout the world, and one very much on your home front here in Australia?’
    • ‘Many science teachers took the occasion to attempt to discredit the creation science position.’
    • ‘It is like the shock that might come to a scientist the first time he goes to a creation science institute and discovers exactly what ‘science’ means in that context.’
    • ‘In no way do the science standards support the teaching of notions of intelligent design or creation science or any of its variations.’
    • ‘I went through a very traumatic experience just after that, and I wonder to this day what would have happened if that man had had training in creation science.’
    • ‘Do you use creation science in your own witnessing?’
    • ‘But no creationist could ever pass a peer-review test, because there is a presuppositional bias against creation science.’
    • ‘The trouble with this analysis is that neither ID nor creation science are presented as religious ways of interpreting nature.’
    • ‘Where creation science differs from creationism in general is in its notion that once it has interpreted the Bible to mean something, no evidence can be allowed to change that interpretation.’
    • ‘First he derides creation science as ‘untestable’, then claims that it has after all been ‘tested’!’
    • ‘Although his treatment is unexpectedly mild, his conclusions about creation science are really less than kind.’
    • ‘There is no important difference between intelligent design and creation science.’
    • ‘At no time have I stated or implied that I wanted to insert creation science or intelligent design into the science curriculum standards.’
    • ‘I'll save my criticisms of creation science for another day.’
    • ‘One of the most common ideas that people have is that creation science is somehow more biased, more ‘one-eyed’ than ‘real science’.’


creation science