Definition of cream pie in English:

cream pie


  • A pie with a sweet, custard-like filling, often topped with whipped cream.

    ‘a cream pie just tastes better when it's chilled’
    ‘a chocolate cream pie’
    • ‘The traditional Boston cream pie uses sponge cake as the base; unfortunately, it uses a lot of egg yolks.’
    • ‘In February 1998 Gates was attacked with a cream pie.’
    • ‘Sometimes nothing can satisfy you like a favorite comfort food, and Boston cream pie certainly falls into that category.’
    • ‘I'd love to have had a cream pie.’
    • ‘Suddenly, a generous slice of banana cream pie slides in front of me.’
    • ‘I'm going to make sure that I've instituted my fitness plan in order for me to have a Bavarian Cream Pie.’
    • ‘She offers a wide variety of pies, including sweet potato, pumpkin, pecan, and cream pies.’
    • ‘I thought the banana cream pie was the highlight of the meal, but that's not saying much.’
    • ‘Be sure to stop for the banana cream pie at Mary's restaurant, in Kingwood.’
    • ‘We split a banana cream pie four ways.’