Definition of cream cracker in English:

cream cracker


  • A dry unsweetened biscuit eaten chiefly with cheese.

    • ‘Chunky strawberry and philly on cream crackers is good, too.’
    • ‘The cream cracker eating competition and bar person's race will both be held in O'Connell Square.’
    • ‘Aurora was genuinely happy for her - since she knew Eden's passion for acting - but her thoughts had also been on getting something to eat while only managing to salvage some cream crackers from her suitcase.’
    • ‘There was a mind-boggling range of activities from cream cracker eating contests, leg-waxing, and a slave auction to car washing.’
    • ‘Novel fundraising ideas include hosting a cream cracker eating competition, a masked ball, pet show or a teacher/student swap day.’
    • ‘Instead, the latter comes across as a cream cracker relishing its cheese.’
    • ‘As she tried eating her way through the accompanying dry herb mash, it reminded me of the time that my brother tried stuffing five Jacobs cream crackers into his mouth at the same time for a bet.’
    • ‘I bought Marmite and lemon curd, cream crackers and gentleman's relish, steak and kidney pies and Worcestershire sauce.’
    • ‘In that short time, my daughter had gone from a quivering, weeping wreck, with tears streaming from her eyes and bubbles of snot popping from her nose, to a rosy-cheeked little cherub, happily munching on a cream cracker.’
    • ‘Eat some cream crackers without anything on them, but again, don't drink any water.’
    • ‘All six of us grabbed handfuls from the box and ducking and diving behind tables, we started full-scale cream cracker warfare.’


cream cracker