Definition of cream bun in English:

cream bun


  • A bun filled or topped with cream.

    • ‘Her favourites are cream buns and rock buns, and when I take her some her face lights up.’
    • ‘He raced along the ground, stuffing the cream bun into his mouth as he ran, and reached the pavilion just in time to buckle on his pads and get to the crease to take part in a last effort to save the match.’
    • ‘Let's all sit around and have a cream bun and a chat.’
    • ‘In fact, increasing your size won't matter either, so grab a cream bun whenever you like.’
    • ‘Unfortunately for me I'm very partial to cream buns and meat pies.’
    • ‘There was bread, real butter, not margarine, a plate of boiled ham and I had two cream buns.’
    • ‘I think the serious message is just the possibility that if you're eating too many cream buns you're actually making yourself look a little older.’
    • ‘Please tell us that the cream bun is still part of the act.’
    • ‘See this cream bun, if you cut in half, it has half the calories and if it has half the calories you can eat twice as much!’
    • ‘TV was boring just as much, all the smelly soap opera shows were on that mum watched, but mum did buy me a yummy cream bun, which was so yummy.’
    • ‘I ended up accepting a cream bun, which I forgot about until I left work that day.’
    • ‘We celebrated with cream buns in the shopping precinct café and went back to school.’