Definition of creak in English:



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  • 1(of an object, typically a wooden one) make a scraping or squeaking sound when being moved or when pressure is applied.

    ‘the stairs creaked as she went up them’
    with complement ‘the garden gate creaked open’
    • ‘The large wooden doors of the gate creaked and groaned as they slowly swung from their resting place.’
    • ‘Listening closely she could hear the branches of the trees moving and creaking in the wind.’
    • ‘As he rounded onto his block, he heard the sound of the swings creaking at the park.’
    • ‘The metal door groaned and creaked before sliding open with a long screech.’
    • ‘It may have been the sound of timbers creaking as the temperature dropped.’
    • ‘A moment later they were riding up in the elevator that creaked ominously as it moved.’
    • ‘The train of merchant's wagons continued slowly into the gate, their wooden axles creaking loudly in the hot stagnant air.’
    • ‘Both women looked up at the sound of the library door creaking open.’
    • ‘The gates creaked open just enough to allow the three riders to enter in single file.’
    • ‘I'm caught unawares as the wooden door creaks open, and a large man lurches into the room, his belly swaying with every step he takes.’
    • ‘Beneath her, the wooden floors creaked and her shoes sounded softly in the silence.’
    • ‘As she made her way up the ladder, the wooden frame creaked loudly.’
    • ‘The wooden frame creaked and settled as she sank down into the middle of the bowl.’
    • ‘I heard the gates creak open and felt a slight shove to move forward.’
    • ‘My large ears twitched as I listened to the sound of the wood creaking inside of this house.’
    • ‘The wooden door creaked as it opened and Matthew found himself staring at it for no reason.’
    • ‘I heard gates creak open as I hugged a pillow to my ears.’
    • ‘They started to walk down stairs, the wooden stairs creaked under that amount of weight.’
    • ‘Under her feet, she could hear the wooden stairs creak.’
    • ‘The green gates creaked open as uncle pushed with all his might against it.’
    squeak, groan, grate
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  • 2Show weakness or frailty under strain.

    ‘the system started to creak’
    • ‘We have a court system that creaks under antiquated traditions, and distinct reluctance to change them.’
    • ‘Any change in a system that is creaking from old age has to be welcomed.’
    • ‘First, the EU's creaking institutions will be under severe strain as they try to deal with the sudden intake.’
    • ‘That system is also creaking to a halt, with plunging enlistments and retentions.’
    • ‘The figures are the latest in a series of revelations which have led to claims that the Scottish criminal justice system is creaking at the seams.’
    • ‘Systems that had been slapped together creak, then crash.’
    • ‘With the mobile phone networks creaking under the strain, I couldn't locate any friends, and wandered off home.’
    • ‘Police have warned they have a duty to stop people en route if the country begins to creak under the strain.’
    • ‘Police sources told the Evening Press the ten-year-old system was creaking under the strain as aging equipment fails.’
    • ‘The healthcare system groaned and creaked under the rising strain.’
    • ‘Labour courts and arbitration systems are creaking under the weight of new cases.’
    • ‘Our old format was creaking under the strain of multiple postings every day.’
    • ‘The electoral system is creaking and badly in need of change.’
    • ‘Finally, the eccentric and creaking Greek justice system has accepted that Andy and his fellow enthusiasts are innocent.’
    • ‘It's every bit as chaotic and mad as London in its way, with a creaking, uncomfortably, rattly Metro system.’
    • ‘The main election issue is reform of Japan's creaking pension system.’
    • ‘It may creak a little under the strain of me getting into it each night, but other than that, it's a silent bed.’
    • ‘Daily trials on a creaking and antiquated public transport and roads system is just a part of it.’
    • ‘Already, by 1963, the dollar had begun to creak under the strains of deepening economic contradictions.’


  • A scraping or squeaking sound.

    ‘the creak of a floorboard broke the silence’
    • ‘A creak sounded, and a rope ladder unfurled from an unseen source.’
    • ‘A creak in the floorboards caused his sharp eyes to search the dark deck quickly.’
    • ‘I could hear the pops, the creaks, the rumbling of the ice underfoot and all around.’
    • ‘The only sound was the occasional creak of the weathered ropes straining to hold out weight.’
    • ‘When he was still awake he thought he heard the faint creak of a floorboard, he immediately filed that away as Kira getting her midnight snack.’
    • ‘Every morning his landlady heard him walk to the door to pick up his newspaper; her ears had grown accustomed to the creaks in the floorboards.’
    • ‘A creak in the floorboard echoed throughout the house, but there was no sign that anyone had heard anything.’
    • ‘I was brought out of my reverie by the creak of a floorboard behind me.’
    • ‘He became a little worried because he heard a light creak in the floorboards.’
    • ‘There was a second of hesitation, possibly as Meghan was preparing for another punch, and then a creak and a thud.’
    • ‘A slight creak echoed in that same side street and a dark figure ascended from the ground as if rising from the dead.’
    • ‘My sister went on to describe noises she'd been hearing, the regular old creaks and cracks that are heard in all houses and she'd also heard a clicking sound.’
    • ‘The girls fell silent as they heard a creak on the floorboards outside.’
    • ‘The heavy fabric blocked the sound of the thunder, and a creak outside my door was now audible.’
    • ‘A muffled creak sounded from outside the walls of Feye's bedroom.’
    • ‘There was a creak in the floorboards when he stood up.’
    • ‘There was a creak of a floorboard, and the hairs on the back of her neck rose.’
    • ‘He didn't hear the creak of heavy footsteps on the basement stairs.’
    • ‘A high-pitched creak sounded, and I craned my neck as far as I could to see what this seaman looked like.’
    • ‘When he heard the creak in the floorboards he didn't even bother to look up.’
    grate, grating, creak, creaking, grind, grinding, jar, jarring, rasp, rasping, scratch, scratching, rub, rubbing, squeak, squeaking, screech, screeching
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Middle English (as a verb in the sense ‘croak’): imitative.