Definition of crayfishing in English:



mass nounNZ, Australian
  • The commercial or recreational catching of crayfish.

    ‘they combine running tourist trips with crayfishing’
    • ‘I wanted the boat for crayfishing in a newly-found ground in the North Taranaki Bight.’
    • ‘Thirteen children took part in a crayfishing adventure and gained an insight into the industry on Wednesday.’
    • ‘The range is half way between the town of Lancelin renowned for its fishing and perfect windsurfing conditions and the crayfishing community of Wedge Island.’
    • ‘A 6.5 m boat, formerly used as a commercial crayfishing vessel, drifted from Flat Island near Great Barrier Island and beached in Boulder Bay on Whatupuke Island.’
    • ‘Despite its timely rescue, the pilot said the service was in danger of collapsing because support was lacking from the professional crayfishing industry.’
    • ‘In the past decade 10 humpbacks had become tangled in ropes, eight of which were tangled in crayfishing ropes.’
    • ‘Bovine material, or cow hide, has been banned from crayfishing because it results in a poorer quality of crayfish.’
    • ‘Local crayfishermen have swarmed to the Abrolhos Islands for the start of the crayfishing season, which officially starts at midnight tonight.’
    • ‘After leaving the army in 1919 he worked as a labourer, opened a wood yard and then turned his hobby of crayfishing into a career.’
    • ‘The opportunities for employers to provide apprenticeships and training in Geraldton were seasonal, especially with a major industry like crayfishing.’