Definition of crawler in English:



  • 1A thing that crawls or moves at a slow pace, especially an insect:

    ‘the light bulb was a magnet for moths and many-legged crawlers’
    • ‘They are found on every continent except Antarctica, in such diverse modes of life as climbers, burrowers, crawlers, aquatic forms, and even gliding types.’
    • ‘All stages of the insect, except the crawler and the adult male, secrete a covering that lies over its dorsum for protection.’
    • ‘With first graders on hands and knees, eyes peeled on the tarantula at hand, Trevino goes into his spiel on the life and times of spiders and other creepy crawlers.’
    • ‘I am not going into that pitch-black cave with all them creepy crawlers and who knows what else.’
    • ‘He has worked on more than 300 Hollywood movies involving snakes, lizards, spiders, and other creepy crawlers.’
    • ‘An insecticide can be used to kill crawlers once they are detected.’
    • ‘Mature female scales are viviparous and produce 2-3 crawlers per day, totaling 100-150 over the female's lifetime.’
    • ‘While most of these creepy crawlers have beneficial characteristics, ticks truly deserve to be given a wide berth.’
    • ‘The night crawlers moved freely around them with their sounds echoing in the wilderness.’
    • ‘Contact insecticide sprays will not reach crawlers that have settled under old scales.’
    • ‘Young crawlers settle on the upper surface of immature leaves, causing galls to form on the under surface of the leaves.’
    • ‘We're lucky we haven't seen any crawlers yet.’
    1. 1.1 A tractor or other vehicle moving on an endless caterpillar track:
      ‘the crawlers move space shuttles to the launch pads’
      [as modifier] ‘a crawler excavator’
      • ‘The A59 in that section comprises two lanes plus a crawler lane for slow traffic going uphill.’
      • ‘An example of a ‘group’ linked cost is the cost of providing crawler lanes for heavy vehicles.’
      • ‘Is it true that Caterpillar India is planning to roll out a new crawler tractor?’
      • ‘The surface of the road is to be replaced, and the crawler lane is to be closed and turned into a single lane road.’
      • ‘Four fully hydraulic crawler cranes with a capacity of 80 kN operated the grabs.’
      • ‘Table 4 gives examples of time needed to clear land using two different sizes of crawler tractors.’
      • ‘Eradicating the crawler lane would mean heavy lorries slowing down the traffic up Golden Hill.’
      • ‘The whole assembly was carried to the launch pad on a vehicle known as a crawler transporter.’
      • ‘The use of crawler cranes is increasing and may be required in some cases.’
      • ‘Once he had separated the piece enough to get a chain around it, then a crawler crane came into play.’
      • ‘Essex Crane, which serves contractors nationwide, owns 500 crawler cranes in its fleet.’
      • ‘Fifty workers using five crawler cranes will be at the site six days a week.’
      • ‘Contractors are also performing more lifts from outside the building where crawler cranes have greater mobility and stability.’
      • ‘The crawler lane is intended to be a safety feature.’
      • ‘It does not include any plans to close the crawler lane up the hill.’
      • ‘To avoid interfering with steel erection, the precast seating risers followed the steel at night, using the same crawler cranes.’
      • ‘The speed makes up for the energy difference between this method and dropping a heavy weight from a crawler crane's jib, and there is no flying debris.’
      • ‘They also back a series of road safety measures and traffic restrictions, including crawler lanes, realigning bends and traffic lights.’
      • ‘One of the most important aspects of new models of crawler dozers is the comfort of the operator.’
  • 2Computing
    A program that systematically browses the World Wide Web in order to create an index of data.

    • ‘Search engine crawlers will crawl web pages periodically for updated contents.’
    • ‘Might search engines employing crawlers drop free listings altogether to concentrate on paid inclusion programs?’
    • ‘While the search crawlers will ultimately find you on their own, there is some merit in submitting your site manually.’
    • ‘Search engines allow keyword searches and use crawlers to locate sites or pages that match requests.’
    • ‘Wouldn't it be nice to be able to leave some code in your web site to tell the search engine spider crawlers to make your site number one?’
  • 3British informal A person who behaves obsequiously in the hope of gaining favour:

    ‘her pleading tone surprised herself, she was no crawler’
    sycophant, toady, lackey, flunkey, minion, stooge, kowtower, truckler, groveller, crawler, creep, fawner, flatterer, lickspittle, uriah heep, puppet, cat's paw, instrument, pawn, underling, hanger-on, camp follower, doormat, spaniel
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