Definition of craving in English:



  • A powerful desire for something.

    ‘a craving for chocolate’
    • ‘I have got to try and control my cravings and stay away from drug users, which is going to be difficult because most of my friends are drug users.’
    • ‘Hunger cravings can take control and send you on an eating binge that can actually lead to weight gain!’
    • ‘Lack of magnesium may show as muscle cramps or cravings for chocolate.’
    • ‘Next, delicate shrimp dumplings prepared with snowpea shoots satisfy our spring cravings.’
    • ‘It alters the circuitry in the brain that regulates hunger and cravings for alcohol and nicotine.’
    • ‘Some people combine a patch with gum to get through the hard parts, the cravings.’
    • ‘Hunger cravings are very powerful, and trying to resist them is a constant struggle.’
    • ‘Making ourselves miserable by these cravings and wishes is the unwholesome pattern of envy.’
    • ‘During these periods of intense cravings there can be bouts of rage, brain fog and fatigue.’
    • ‘After all, you probably know what it's like to have your hunger cravings get the best of you.’
    • ‘Hearty and filling, I came away from this part of the meal with my meat cravings satisfied, and my hunger stopped dead in its tracks.’
    • ‘As your mind releases its desires and cravings, it releases the hold that it has on you.’
    • ‘The hunger and cravings are now non-existent, though I do begin to go a bit crazy.’
    • ‘It's very hard to get over your sugar cravings, but that is what people are addicted to.’
    • ‘Two of the strongest cravings of human nature are the desire for knowledge and the desire for power.’
    • ‘It is thought to lower cravings for alcohol in people who have stopped drinking, but it is not exactly clear how it works chemically.’
    • ‘He's a committed vegetarian who occasionally gives in to cravings for lamb.’
    • ‘I get cravings for knowledge, and these cravings need to be fed straight away.’
    • ‘Dates or dried fruit are great for satisfying sweet cravings.’
    • ‘Now you can safely satisfy your cravings, since those very cravings have been transformed.’
    longing, yearning, hankering, hunger, hungering, thirst, pining, desire, want, wish, fancy, urge, need, appetite, greed, lust, ache, burning, addiction, aspiration, aim, goal
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