Definition of crashworthiness in English:



mass noun
  • The degree to which a vehicle will protect its occupants from the effects of an accident.

    • ‘Our proprietary hydroforming and magnetic-pulse welding technologies allow for enhanced structural rigidity, reduced weight, and improved crashworthiness.’
    • ‘The impact of the two vehicles exceeded ‘the parameters of all recognised crashworthiness standards’.’
    • ‘The machine-milled frames are strengthened for crashworthiness.’
    • ‘He specialises in structural crashworthiness research, accident investigation, failure analysis, numerical modelling and experimental testing of a variety of structures subjected to impact and gross deformation loads.’
    • ‘For example, many articles on various aspects of the crash performance of vehicles and human tolerance to injury are published in various specialist journals that focus on biomechanics and other aspects of vehicle crashworthiness.’
    • ‘Consumers are currently provided with two separate measures to consider when purchasing a vehicle: crashworthiness (and sometimes aggressivity) and fuel economy.’
    • ‘Some vehicles perform relatively well on both crashworthiness and fuel consumption measures.’
    • ‘Brand boosters take the values and character traits of the car more seriously than the quality of its steel or its crashworthiness.’
    • ‘And they still need to meet crashworthiness, weight and NVH objectives.’
    • ‘The body doesn't have to play a role in the crashworthiness of the vehicle, because that capability can be built right into the skateboard.’
    • ‘The helicopter airframe consists of a lightweight aluminium alloy and honeycomb structure with high crashworthiness.’
    • ‘By the mid-1980s, safety minded companies like Volvo, Saab, BMW and Mercedes-Benz began cashing in on their reputation for crashworthiness.’
    • ‘They say they want to document fully who was on the train for the coroner's inquiry and also to help the Health and Safety Executive in its consideration of rail vehicle crashworthiness issues.’
    • ‘This is particularly important in crashworthiness.’
    • ‘He recommended a review of crashworthiness standards for trains, increased fire protection and direct radio contact between trains and signallers.’
    • ‘The rigid structure also improves crashworthiness and helps reduce noise, vibration and harshness.’
    • ‘The helicopter has a high level of crashworthiness, including impact tolerance and redundancy in vital systems and components.’
    • ‘The passive safety of vehicles has two components - crashworthiness and aggressivity.’
    • ‘This arrangement would give designers much more packaging freedom and improve crashworthiness by removing large centrally located components that intrude into the cabin in a collision.’
    • ‘The approach taken here of combining a car's fuel economy with its crashworthiness may provide a way forward.’