Definition of crape myrtle in English:

crape myrtle

(also crepe myrtle)


  • An ornamental Chinese shrub or small tree with pink, white, or purplish crinkled petals.

    Lagerstroemia indica, family Lythraceae

    • ‘They're planted under the shade of a mature crepe myrtle.’
    • ‘I trimmed the ends and seed pods from our crape myrtle, which is as tall as the power lines.’
    • ‘We planted verbena around our crape myrtle, and it has gone wild, spilling over the edges of the concrete border.’
    • ‘There is a black fungus on my crape myrtle and jasmine. Could you give me any advice?’
    • ‘The plant in your photo is growing and flowering profusely beneath a crape myrtle.’
    • ‘Tall palmettos and a multi-trunked crape myrtle make a leafy canopy overhead, helping to hide the patio from neighbors.’