Definition of cramped in English:



  • 1Suffering from cramp.

    ‘rest your cramped arms for a moment’
    • ‘I walked slowly, flexing my cramped and abused muscles, trying to restore circulation, and taking in my surroundings at the same time.’
    • ‘Herman stood up, stretched his slightly cramped muscles, and made his way to his personal quarters.’
    • ‘Staying in one spot so much had made her muscles feel cramped.’
    • ‘They can alleviate or eliminate back and leg pain, sore or cramped muscles, and swelling caused by water retention.’
    • ‘Legs cramped from running, I slumped down onto the floor and burst into tears.’
    • ‘His muscles felt cramped and disused, and his chest and rib-cage ached as if he'd been the loser in a fist fight.’
    • ‘I sprinted toward the bus, my cramped muscles protesting every movement.’
    • ‘He stretched his muscles, cramped from lying on the floor, and then looked about for the stone he had used the night before.’
    • ‘Now she lifted herself up to shake out her cramped muscles, and went in search of her backpack and something to eat.’
    • ‘Getting to his feet, he stretched his cramped muscles and sighed in contentment, feeling quite full.’
    • ‘She sat up slowly, stretching her sore, cramped muscles.’
    • ‘She sat up straight and immediately regretted it, as her cramped muscles screamed in protest.’
    • ‘He had held himself in such an awkward position for so long that his muscles were becoming cramped.’
    • ‘She took a few steps away from the others and then started doing a few exercises to loosen up her cramped muscles.’
    • ‘I had trouble moving, for my muscles were so cramped.’
    • ‘The smells of breakfast wafted into the room, and Nora stretched out lazily, feeling cramped muscles groan in response.’
    • ‘Her muscles felt cramped from non use and unable to cooperate with her numb body.’
    • ‘Their leg muscles felt cramped and pained when they all stood up.’
    • ‘Your muscles become cramped from lactic acid and from the number of hours you're standing upright.’
    • ‘I got out for the car and stretched my cramped muscles.’
  • 2Uncomfortably small or restricted.

    ‘staff had to work in cramped conditions’
    • ‘The centre is cramped for space, but we will make do.’
    • ‘However, it was cramped, poorly daylit, and had no connections to the outdoors.’
    • ‘It was horrendous with dirty, cramped enclosures.’
    • ‘But the room's cabinets and work spaces were cramped and inefficient.’
    • ‘It comprises about half a dozen buildings, including a small mosque, several houses and two cramped dormitories.’
    • ‘The plane's interior is cramped and confined, but Singleton is immediately at home.’
    • ‘Since the former first school was extended under the re-organisation, outdoor space for the youngsters has been cramped.’
    • ‘She couldn't bear moving from one place to place… tents were much too cramped.’
    • ‘She, however, wanted to show me how unappetizing the food was and how cramped the living conditions were.’
    • ‘"It's too cramped on the sidewalk anyway, " he complained.’
    • ‘Some cabins are roomy and plush, while others are cramped and plain.’
    • ‘It was too cramped up in the trunk, really, so I was glad when we could get out.’
    • ‘It was a bit cramped and very claustrophobic.’
    • ‘‘Yes, we should,’ agreed Tiffany, who was more than happy to leave that cramped room.’
    • ‘I explored two small stores, each of which was cramped, narrow, and unchanged since their construction in the 50s.’
    • ‘They complain it is cramped and up to 25 per cent too small.’
    • ‘The other Jeep was cramped with five people and cargo.’
    • ‘Being landlocked inside the center of Dallas, SMU is cramped for space.’
    • ‘I have visited Odsal police station on a number of occasions and conditions there are cramped and unsuitable.’
    restricted, confined, constricted
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    1. 2.1 Inhibiting the development of someone or something.
      ‘he felt cramped in a large organization’
      • ‘Black risks taking on a cramped position with backward development in order to test both players' positional abilities.’
    2. 2.2 (of handwriting) small and difficult to read.
      ‘there is no way a computer will be able to decipher my cramped handwriting’
      • ‘I mumble, trying to read Ian Anwar's cramped handwriting.’
      • ‘Her eyes sped across the paper, taking in every letter of her cramped penmanship.’
      • ‘I heard the front door and looked up from the papers spread out on the desk, my cramped handwriting covering just about every square inch.’
      • ‘The lettering is cramped and pushed so far to the right that it runs off the paper onto the board behind.’
      • ‘Usually this ends up being a cramped, scribbled list, and hard to understand.’
      • ‘The location and dates were penned in a cramped, childish script.’
      • ‘I had come to know his cramped handwriting and his gift for pithy analysis.’
      • ‘She wrote, not in her usual flowing script, but in Doyle's somewhat cramped print.’
      • ‘The printing was hurried and the cramped letters ran together as if Alec had been in a great hurry to get them on paper.’
      • ‘However, the lettering appeared too small and too cramped to read on almost any normal-sized TV.’
      • ‘These do not appear on the Rochdale posters on this occasion so that information is not cramped.’
      • ‘The letters were carved in a cramped scrawl, moonlight etching the crevices and staining the shadows silver.’
      small, crabbed, pinched, tightly packed, close, shaky, scribbled, laboured, illegible, unreadable, indecipherable
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