Definition of cragged in English:



  • 1(of terrain) having a rough, rocky, and uneven surface; rugged.

    ‘rugged mountains and cragged coastlines’
    ‘cragged rocks’
    • ‘Across the water an ancient stone keep sat atop cragged rocky shores, reflected in the cerulean blue waters.’
    • ‘We finally reached the 17,300-foot pass overlooking Lhamo Latso - "a sharp cragged ridge," according to The Power-Places of Central Tibet, "upon which is built the Dalai Lama's throne."’
    • ‘The pageant device itself was made up of the representation of two hills or mountains, the one on the north side being "cragged, barreyn, and stonye; in whiche was erected one tree, artificiallye made, all withered and deadde ...".’
    • ‘The wanderer ventured forth into the eternal pass of cragged rock, worn with lines of age, yet stalwart and strong with thick trunks of stone bolstering the walls.’
    • ‘At the age of ninety, Kennan published Around the Cragged Hill (WW Norton, 1994).’
    • ‘By 8pm there's a definite sense of expectation, and so I follow the reds, whites and blues (so much for separatism) up the cragged streets to cafe-lined Place Jaurs.’
    • ‘The return is via the black cragged gash of Gleann Lochain Eanaiche.’
    1. 1.1 (of a man's face) rugged and rough-textured.
      ‘the cragged features of the fishermen’
      • ‘At 63, the Paisley-born actor-turned-novelist's cragged, open face alludes to, but never exposes, his 60-plus status.’
      • ‘While Robert Shaw's Britisher sneers at all things NYC, Matthau's cragged face and forlorn voice implicitly champion NYC values.’
      • ‘His father wavered behind the bar, his thick white hair matted on his scalp, his face cragged and lined like dried-out leaves.’
      • ‘Kristofferson's face is like an Easter Island statue; cragged and heavy with tragic knowledge.’
      • ‘Dafoe's character doesn't say much, but his cragged face is as expressive a tool as his voice.’