Definition of craftwork in English:



  • 1[mass noun] The making of decorative or practical objects by hand as a profession or leisure activity:

    ‘club activities include craftwork and exercise classes’
    • ‘Gifted with her hands, she had a special flair for craftwork and found much relaxation in knitting Aran sweaters and dress-making.’
    • ‘Now, an expert in both craftwork and puppetry, he has organised 200 workshops so far, and crafted at least 500 models.’
    • ‘Through use of her hands, Laura has shown a tremendous ability for such pursuits as art, needlework, craftwork and cookery.’
    • ‘She was keenly interested in craftwork, especially embroidery.’
    • ‘She especially enjoyed craftwork, knitting, crochet, as well as baking.’
    • ‘They will also be taught about diet and nutrition, first-aid, button stitching and the usual fare of painting, craftwork and so on.’
    • ‘She added: ‘We've been involved in craftwork for several years, but sales were mainly through local shops and craft fairs.’’
    • ‘Traditional craftwork in pottery, weaving, jewelry, and drum making are also important sources of income.’
    • ‘Volunteers are involved in a wide range of activities including horticulture, craftwork and skills training.’
    • ‘Classic employment schemes range from medical billing to envelope stuffing and assembly or craftwork.’
    • ‘The Shambaa are mainly agriculturists who prefer tilling the land to craftwork.’
    • ‘Handiscope Centres once a week offer facilities for craftwork, recreation and companionship for people.’
    • ‘‘The zone where land and ocean, or land and air, meet often inspires my art and craftwork,’ Patricia said.’
    • ‘Be it painting or craftwork, the works on display depicted the acumen and perfection of the creators.’
    • ‘She was a talented dress-maker and had a natural ability when it came to craftwork.’
    • ‘Teresa was gifted with her hands and had a great flair for craftwork and cooking.’
    • ‘These extremely productive people like to be occupied in their leisure time with pursuits such as craftwork, hiking or reading.’
    • ‘She was very interested in arts and crafts and spent hours painting and doing her craftwork.’
    • ‘The Project runs six projects including life skills, sports, cookery, creative activities and craftwork.’
    • ‘Gimson also sought firsthand experience in craftwork.’
    craft, handiwork, craftwork
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    1. 1.1 Decorative or practical objects made by hand:
      ‘criminals helped themselves to ornate craftwork from the chapel’
      • ‘The paintings will be available from the gallery, which displays a selection of diverse art and craftwork.’
      • ‘The second floor is composed of two large exhibition rooms with bamboo craftwork from the past 20 to 30 years.’
      • ‘It is expected that a large variety of items will be available for sale, including craftwork, baking and general bric-a-brac.’
      • ‘The craftwork displayed includes popular prints, textiles, signboards and toys.’
      • ‘Spread over five floors, the museum's collection is divided into four themed sections (fine arts, craftwork, ceramics and archaeology).’
      • ‘Nevertheless, many of the former hunter-gatherers are still reliant on subsistence farming and making craftwork for tourists.’
      • ‘In line with this was the craft exhibition tent which showcased craftwork from each district in the province.’
      • ‘She realised during her trip that the price of the local craftwork was too high for international markets.’
      • ‘I recently gave a talk and demonstration on my craftwork and have decided to donate my fee to the fund.’
      • ‘There was a huge array of stalls with some magnificent craftwork and cookery on exhibition and sale.’
      • ‘The patterns, supposedly the best craftwork around, interested her far less than the wooded splendor beyond.’
      • ‘Pick up some fine local craftwork at the Craft Fair on Sunday.’
      • ‘The craftwork ranged from copper work, wrought iron garden furniture, candleholders plus a host of other items.’
      • ‘On sale will be brown bread, confectionery, gluten-free baking, wheat free foods, jams, preserves, vegetables and craftwork.’
      • ‘There were many stalls in the car park offering craftwork, local foodstuffs, books, toys and handcrafts.’
      • ‘A beautiful display of craftwork by the ladies of Ballyconnell ICA was also there for all to view and admire.’
      • ‘The villagers are welcoming and eager to sell their wonderful craftwork.’
      • ‘Craftwork made by patchworking wheat straw requires only simple manual labour.’
      • ‘All of the carbon-fiber craftwork, incidentally, is not a Porsche undertaking.’
      • ‘Located in the Visitor Information Centre, the gallery features art and craftwork by local artists.’
      creation, product, work, achievement, design, doing, action, result
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