Definition of craftsperson in English:



  • A person who is skilled at making things by hand (used as a neutral alternative).

    • ‘The aristocrats were the skilled tradesmen and craftspeople such as stonemasons, carpenters, engineers and printers.’
    • ‘Nowadays artists and craftspeople have to sell their talents on the open market or seek patronage from elsewhere.’
    • ‘Watch skilled craftspeople create intricate designs from the intense heat of molten glass.’
    • ‘The rebuilding of the Eritrean Railway is developing a groups of skilled craftspeople.’
    • ‘The firm is now run by James and his brother Martin, and employs 12 skilled craftspeople.’
    • ‘For those same reasons many skilled craftspeople are starting to charge outwardly largish sums for boards.’
    • ‘The gallery, which operates as a co-operative of 39 artists and craftspeople, has been open for 18 months.’
    • ‘More than 200 local artists and craftspeople have opened up their homes and studios to the public to show off their work.’
    • ‘The West Coast is a favourite home for many artists and craftspeople and there is a choice of galleries to visit.’
    • ‘Skilled craftspeople produce traditional instruments of high quality.’
    • ‘Look in the shops which offer everything from food and clothes to gifts, souvenirs and the work of local artists and craftspeople.’
    • ‘They were simply skilled craftspeople hired for jobs and trained through a system of apprenticeship.’
    • ‘Like all master craftspeople, Brian wanted to let the ugliness and mistakes in.’
    • ‘Haitian craftspeople are particularly skilled in woodcarving, weaving, and embroidery.’
    • ‘This family-run gallery has a strong objective: to help Scottish artists and craftspeople to establish themselves.’
    • ‘Local artists and craftspeople would be offered exhibition space and jewellery, ceramics and paintings, would be for sale.’
    • ‘Their company, based in Warrington, promotes work by artists and craftspeople from across the UK.’
    • ‘The crop fostered a society of independent farmers, small milling centers, skilled craftspeople, and vigorous local exchanges.’
    • ‘In Nimbin, the centre will target the tourism market, and a virtual gallery for artists and craftspeople is being planned.’
    • ‘Away from the music, Jamaica has some excellent artisans and craftspeople, but not all items for sale are of good quality.’
    artisan, tradesman, tradesperson, mechanic, technician, operative, maker, smith, wright, journeyman
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