Definition of craftsman in English:



  • 1A worker skilled in a particular craft.

    ‘the tiles are handmade by trained craftsmen’
    figurative ‘those craftsmen of post-war fiction’
    • ‘The few things that could not be produced at home were bought from local craftsmen.’
    • ‘Our country has the pride of having master craftsmen who carve out exquisite products with their deft hands.’
    • ‘The emperor also sought the skills of expert craftsmen from other cities and countries.’
    • ‘Instead of forfeiting quality, Byrnes hired experienced and talented craftsmen to put together full-time specialty crews.’
    • ‘Residents of Bansko have prepared gifts of souvenirs made by the local craftsmen.’
    • ‘There artists and craftsmen produced everything from metalwork and furniture to embroideries and mosaics.’
    • ‘The Persian kings employed highly skilled craftsmen from all the 23 peoples under their sway.’
    • ‘Gerry was a very talented craftsman who could turn his hand to any job and did excellent work.’
    • ‘At one stage Liberty's also had its own workshops and employed its own craftsmen.’
    • ‘Come listen to a master craftsman work his trade as only he can.’
    • ‘This is often due to the scarcity of skilled builders, craftsmen and gardeners.’
    • ‘Vegetables, too are welcome garnishes, and they don't have to be carved by a master craftsman.’
    • ‘The British workshops, which employed the local craftsmen, mainly produced sturdy, unadorned Georgian tableware.’
    • ‘The church is rich in marble and murals carved and constructed by Italian craftsmen.’
    • ‘Lower-paid workers include manual laborers, skilled craftsmen, and manufacturing and construction workers.’
    • ‘The temples require urgent restoration by skilled craftsmen who work on heritage structures.’
    • ‘The finest craftsmen in Europe could not carve two wooden items to fit together as well as we do.’
    • ‘He was a gifted craftsman and carpenter and his expertise was much sought after in the Tubbercurry and surrounding areas.’
    • ‘Great to get all those talented craftsmen together under one roof for a much needed showcase for this great sport.’
    • ‘The centrepiece of this colourful quarter is the magnificent Chinese Arch, built by the finest craftsmen of Beijing.’
    artisan, craftsperson, tradesman, tradesperson, mechanic, technician, operative, maker, smith, wright, journeyman
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    1. 1.1usually as title (in the UK) a qualified private soldier in the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers.
      ‘Craftsman Browne’
      • ‘Gunner Karl Whitaker and craftsman Neil Vance used to fantasise about snow during their six-month tour.’
      • ‘In the course of the walk you will see the spectacular work of the royal craftsmen.’
      • ‘During the second quarter two Royal craftsmen stepped forward to put things right.’
      • ‘In 1985, Crock was loaned to the Army and enlisted with the rank of craftsman.’
      • ‘It was only in 1964 that the services of craftsman Alex Fairlie were enlisted to start the building of the company's distillery.’