Definition of crafting in English:



mass noun
  • The activity or hobby of making decorative articles by hand.

    ‘crafting has emerged as a fashionable form of self-expression’
    as modifier ‘mulberry paper has made a comeback as a very popular crafting medium’
    • ‘Crafting can be a lonely pursuit, so it's fun to be around other people.’
    • ‘Pinecones are one of my favorite natural treasures for crafting.’
    • ‘Do your own original work, and do not rip off other's work (as in crafting using other's patterns).’
    • ‘Introducing the first educational mail-order craft kit program designed to make crafting easy and exciting for young girls - with two brand-new craft kits delivered to club members every six weeks.’
    • ‘Crafting is not against consumption.’
    • ‘A revival of domestic do-it-yourselfing and artsy crafting is driving a cultural boom in all things knitted, hand-sewn, superglued and welded.’
    • ‘I had a thought in the middle of the night on Wednesday that although it would be great to auction the results of our crafting for charity, it might add a kind of weird competitive nature to the project.’
    • ‘They quoted me saying my pat line about crafting being revolutionary.’
    • ‘For those of you who are unable to garner resources from the Internet and, like me, just can't get enough of books, there are books specifically written on how to turn your crafting into a business.’
    • ‘Otherwise, I'm looking forward to reading more novels and wearing sandals and writing about other things and crafting and sunshine and friends and warmth and barbeques and moving my body more.’
    • ‘My friends can't understand why I don't have confidence in my crafting.’
    • ‘Essential for crafting are tools, which are accessible, portable, and easy to learn.’
    • ‘She has a deep passion for crafting.’
    • ‘I hope more craft afternoons are organised 'cause I did some good crafting.’
    • ‘Helpful, kid-tested tips for crafting with children maximize the fun and minimize the headaches.’