Definition of crackling in English:



mass noun
  • 1The crisp fatty skin of roast pork.

    • ‘I'll never stop eating meat, especially the crackling off roast pork.’
    • ‘Pour off the fat and cracklings and put them in the fridge.’
    • ‘The skin crisps to crunchy cracklings, and the meat melts with juicy tenderness.’
    • ‘Again, the meat was tender and its base was covered in a strip of crispy crackling, the top coated in a sage and onion stuffing.’
    • ‘Gratons, also known as cracklings, were made of pig skin.’
    • ‘His head filled with visions of tender roast pork with crispy brown crackling, he set off down the street.’
    • ‘A roast seems right somehow, be it a piece of velvety beef or a joint of golden pork with its glistening coat of crackling.’
    • ‘Rendered crisp and brittle, this delicacy can have all the fun of seaborne cracklings.’
    • ‘I changed my diet a whole back to avoid things I knew to be pure fat like chicken skin and crackling off pork.’
    • ‘It has crisp, golden crackling and tender, juicy meat.’
    • ‘There was a blast of a c-sharp, a child's cry and the smell of pork crackling on the breeze.’
    • ‘And the yard-long pork crackling is totally worth crossing town for.’
    • ‘Roast loin of Cumbrian pork with crisp crackling carved over a salad of vine tomatoes, Aegean olives, feta cheese and olive oil.’
    • ‘It was a magnificent roast with lovely crackling, succulent and juicy.’
    • ‘And if it was a pork roast we'd get a huge slab of delicious crackling and a dollop of apple sauce.’
    • ‘The pork was delicious and the huge slice of crackling was something else.’
    • ‘It also had a delicious layer of crispy golden crackling attached.’
    • ‘Plenty of tender, pink meat, with the original touch of being cooked into crispy crackling on top.’
  • 2British informal, offensive Attractive women regarded collectively as objects of sexual desire.

    ‘he had a splendid bit of crackling in his arms’