Definition of cracker in English:



  • 1A person or thing that cracks.

    • ‘It was six feet tall and held a rocket launcher in one claw and a giant stainless steel shell cracker in the other.’
    • ‘This gives copyright holders the legal tools in the UK to pursue action against copyright crackers, however benign their intentions.’
    • ‘Any right minded code cracker would know what he just told me.’
    • ‘The remaining states, like Minnesota, provide lots of fun for the determined code cracker.’
    • ‘When the police find someone slain, they call on their resident cracker to interrogate.’
    1. 1.1 An installation for cracking hydrocarbons.
      ‘a catalytic cracker’
      • ‘The company suffered a series of accidents, culminating in a blaze at its catalytic cracker.’
      • ‘Light olefins from the fluid catalytic cracker are processed in either hydrofluoric or sulfuric acid units.’
      • ‘After the completion of the sixth naphtha cracker, its annual production of ethylene could reach 1.15 million tonnes.’
      • ‘The catalytic cracker takes a number of feedstocks, including heavy gas and residue, from the lubricant treatment plant.’
      • ‘The separation costs are a consequence of less than complete conversion for ethane crackers.’
    2. 1.2 A person who breaks into a computer system, typically for an illegal purpose.
      • ‘I said computer crackers were going to cause some serious damage and predicted they'd try blackmail.’
      • ‘Eight million credit cards were exposed to a cracker or crackers this week resulting in huge potential for fraud.’
      • ‘But sometimes your personal data is loaned out to third parties, and that's the weak spot where crackers are able to break in.’
      • ‘Harris believes this modest improvement might lead crackers into targeting computers of home users rather than businesses.’
      • ‘It fears that any information would give vital clues to criminal crackers about how to exploit unpatched systems.’
      • ‘Now that you're here we have an advantage we never had before, a computer cracker!’
      • ‘How long before the crackers intrude upon this cosy intimacy?’
      • ‘The case studies are in-depth descriptions of how three crackers have broken into computers.’
      • ‘In such a case a cracker's actions are obvious: he suppresses the anti-debugging tricks and dumps the unpacked and decrypted application code.’
      • ‘Nor is there any evidence of crackers scanning the Internet in search of vulnerable machines.’
      • ‘Computer crackers have obtained access to computer systems codes used in America's space program.’
      • ‘The user still connects to the Internet, but through the cracker's system.’
      • ‘Although I doubt crackers are attempting to break into your PC as you read this, there's always the possibility.’
      • ‘Computer crackers might exploit this behaviour to inject malicious code into vulnerable systems.’
      • ‘Sure, no electronic voting system is yet safe enough to withstand computer crackers.’
      • ‘Forget about Internet crackers, employees are the biggest security problem for most businesses.’
      • ‘It far from the first time crackers have broken into the web servers of software developers.’
      • ‘On infected machines, it opens a back door that allows a cracker to control the computer using IRC.’
      • ‘Aladdin makes software that protects corporations and their data from attack by computer crackers.’
      • ‘Computer crackers have obtained details of up to five million US Visa and MasterCard accounts, the two firms admitted yesterday.’
  • 2A decorated paper cylinder which, when pulled apart, makes a sharp noise and releases a small toy or other novelty.

    ‘a Christmas cracker’
    • ‘The gathering enjoyed a beautiful four course meal and enjoyed pulling Christmas crackers across the tables.’
    • ‘The cracker fell apart and just hung there all limp in my hand.’
    • ‘They also stole Christmas crackers, toys and snacks from the garden centre's café.’
    • ‘Problem is, you'll have finished the bottle before you start pulling the crackers.’
    • ‘Jeffrey will be sitting down with his paper hat and his cracker contemplating his bright new future.’
    • ‘It seems more like a toy than the real thing - the kind which you might pull out of a cracker.’
    • ‘All the presents were opened, the crackers were pulled.’
    • ‘The youngster's face lit up after pulling a cracker with the bubbly mayor - before settling down for a Christmas meal with his family.’
    • ‘The Reserve Bank Board meets today - not just to pull Christmas crackers.’
    • ‘We had matching paper napkins, crackers and tablecloth!’
    • ‘For those who are not acquainted with Christmas crackers, they're little packages in garish paper.’
    • ‘With a crack like a thousand crackers being pulled and a shower of glitter, the Spirit vanished.’
    • ‘Elvira sent this Ferdinand on a quest to identify the writer of poems in the paper crackers at a ball.’
    • ‘But then, horror of horrors, it was time to pull the crackers.’
    • ‘The children pulled crackers and we read corny jokes to each other.’
    • ‘You may also want to pull some Christmas crackers at the dinner table.’
    • ‘And after their roast turkey dinner, the gang pulled the crackers and donned the paper hats.’
    • ‘Children will be around to pull a few crackers and share the turkey.’
    • ‘Jemery Fisher, the frog, was replaced with a small plastic frog that had come out of a cracker once.’
    • ‘With festive spot prizes, crackers and balloons, it was truly a great start to the Christmas par-tying season.’
    1. 2.1 A firework that explodes with a sharp noise.
      • ‘On Christmas Eve between 7 and 8 o clock a firework and cracker display was noticed about the Town Hall.’
      • ‘ARE THE traditional types of crackers that produce ear-shattering noises, slowly losing their popularity?’
      • ‘I could imagine children leaping up and down while their parents lit up the crackers on rooftops.’
      • ‘This year will be the last Guy Fawkes day when people can let off crackers, rockets, Catherine wheels and the like.’
      • ‘Gradually, the owners should keep the pets along with them while bursting bigger crackers.’
      • ‘Every year incidence of bursting crackers on the roads is growing in the city.’
      • ‘I remember bursting crackers and really enjoying myself as soon as we won that game.’
      • ‘Boisterous crowds dispelled the darkness of night with fireworks as crackers shattered the stillness of the night.’
      • ‘Bursting crackers and shouting slogans, the party partied.’
      • ‘The SPCA has been calling for the complete ban of fireworks and crackers for some time now.’
      • ‘The Pakistanis demonstrated it by bursting crackers when we won in Lahore.’
      • ‘The bombardment by bangers, crackers and fireworks was such that there was hardly a silent minute in any town.’
      • ‘The last straw was when a flock of sparrows appeared making the noise of bursting crackers.’
      • ‘Many parents across the city only hope that the manufacturers would change its focus from sound based crackers to the light based ones in the future.’
      • ‘Some of the crackers that we light every year, have a lot in common with flares and smokescreens.’
      • ‘Police would take action against those bursting noisy crackers near hospitals, schools, courts and other silence zones.’
      • ‘Public buildings were illuminated and crackers were burst.’
      • ‘At 7: 47 there were crackers exploding everywhere.’
      • ‘We would follow up the long drive and wait for the crackers to be lit, lurking a short distance from the graveside.’
      • ‘Scared away by the noise of crackers, street dogs return to their regular haunts after nearly three days.’
  • 3A thin dry biscuit, typically eaten with cheese.

    ‘the sausage is delicious on hot toast or crackers’
    • ‘They start to cook turnips and eat graham crackers, as they wait for their mother to come home.’
    • ‘It was a good night of chatter and red wine with crackers and cheese.’
    • ‘Each would make a creamy, rich covering for your whole-grain cracker.’
    • ‘Another idea is to eat whole-grain crackers with fat-free block cheese.’
    • ‘Give your child whole-grain crackers with soups, chili, and stew.’
    • ‘He brought the wine. I organised the cheese and crackers.’
    • ‘Cheese is usually too strong; bread or dry, savoury crackers are generally preferred by professionals.’
    • ‘In fact, the peanut butter cracker I left for him is still there.’
    • ‘First of all, graham crackers are not allowed.’
    • ‘Elaine put the last animal cracker in her mouth and chewed dismally.’
    • ‘Sensible shoes, diapers and animal crackers are just the tip of the iceberg.’
    • ‘Luke humorously questions Annie as he puts a cheese cracker into his mouth.’
    • ‘There's cheese and crackers for those who still have wine left to finish.’
    • ‘He settled for a pack of cheese crackers with peanut butter inside.’
    • ‘She grabbed a few crackers and cream cheese, grabbed her backpack, and hiked upstairs to start.’
    • ‘Then I went back in to the store and bought cheese and crackers on sale.’
    • ‘With perfect wheels of cheese and crackers before me, I misted up a bit.’
    • ‘Spread smoked salmon and low-fat cream cheese on whole wheat crackers or pith rounds and top with fresh dill.’
    • ‘I ripped the package open and shoved a cracker into my mouth, whole.’
    • ‘She pulled out some more crackers and peanut butter and sat down to eat.’
    1. 3.1 A light crisp made of rice or tapioca flour.
      ‘prawn crackers’
      • ‘Seaweed is commonly eaten by the Japanese in a variety of snack foods, including tiny crisp rice crackers.’
      • ‘Yesterday I had the remains of a lemon meringue and a packet of prawn crackers.’
      • ‘We went to Kevin's place to eat some rice crackers and practice for their dance.’
      • ‘You come all this way and they didn't have any prawn crackers.’
      • ‘Prawn rice crackers and anchovy-like dried fish chips are the sails.’
      • ‘Over cups and cups of green tea and bowlfuls of rice crackers, we chat in his kitchen well into the afternoon.’
      • ‘They were learning to use the chopsticks, and everyone tried the noodles and prawn crackers.’
      • ‘Then I stared at the computer screen and ate rice crackers.’
      • ‘This neighbour boy eats sweet potato and rice crackers.’
      • ‘Quite some time back I was snacking and found the perfect rice cracker.’
      • ‘I'm currently eating BBQ rice crackers with salsa and sour cream.’
      • ‘Consequently, he's mainly a sweet potato and rice cracker kind of guy.’
      • ‘Read your ingredients carefully; even rice crackers can contain brown rice syrup.’
      • ‘But cheaper tickets and wrestlers hawking rice crackers won't be enough to rescue sumo.’
      • ‘Sora thought tiredly, as he grabbed a rice cracker from the plate filled with the low-fat snacks set nearby.’
      • ‘After school I went home with a sulk, Kirara was relaxed at the couch watching TV while eating rice crackers.’
      • ‘Japanese food markets, where you'll find low-fat savory rice crackers and low-fat roasted green peas.’
      • ‘Also, some bakeries make flats and crackers from rice and millet.’
      • ‘They threw back local smoked mussels served on crisp rice crackers with mayonnaise.’
  • 4British informal A fine example of something.

    ‘don't miss this cracker of a CD’
    • ‘It turned out, in fact, to be a cracker of a show to cheer up the punters on a showery and cold early-March night.’
    • ‘The final was a real cracker with some marvellous pitching from both sides.’
    • ‘An absolute cracker of a match is confidently expected.’
    • ‘A cracker of a game was played with both sides giving their all.’
    • ‘If you get the chance to come along I reckon you will see a cracker of a match so don't forget the date.’
    • ‘‘As free holidays go, I think they pulled off a cracker,’ sneers Braithwaite.’
    • ‘Fifteen minutes into the second half, Paul Donnelly scored a cracker to equalise.’
    • ‘Ward and John Joe Maguire were both just wide, while Damian Curran hit a cracker that Rice saved.’
    • ‘What an absolute cracker we have in store for you tonight.’
    • ‘It's a cracker of a book and you should read it if you haven't already.’
    • ‘Of course the Chelsea and Barcelona game has the promise of being an absolute cracker.’
    • ‘In the other semi-final, Bishopthorpe edged out Pickering Town on penalties after a cracker of a match.’
    • ‘Joe Cole scored a cracker of a goal, but Norwich were certainly not outclassed, except up front.’
    • ‘Titled Celtic Christmas, this second solo album from Tommy is a real cracker.’
    • ‘Oh, I have a cracker of a photo of the two of us after a massive goodbye cry, when I left Australia 10 years ago.’
    • ‘Well, we're all set for what should be an absolute cracker of a game.’
    • ‘If both play to their undoubted potential then a cracker of a game is in prospect.’
    • ‘He also scored a cracker of a goal in the first-half.’
    • ‘The singer has pulled off another cracker of an album which deserves to be heard.’
    masterpiece, sensation, marvel, wonder, triumph, winner, success, feat, coup, master stroke
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    1. 4.1 An attractive person, especially a woman.
      ‘you look a cracker’
      beautiful woman, belle, vision, charmer, enchantress, venus, goddess, beauty queen, english rose, picture, seductress
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  • 5US offensive

    another term for poor white


  • be not worth a cracker

    • informal Be of no value.

      ‘the battered old boat was not worth a cracker’
      • ‘Mum emphasized he's not worth a cracker, having never done a decent day's work in his life.’
      • ‘Remember, all this lot are just copies. Not worth a cracker!’
      • ‘My opinion is not worth a cracker when it comes to sea ice.’
      • ‘You can return your plastic, glass, or aluminium containers, though the tops aren't worth a cracker.’
      • ‘I saw these people every day when I was in local government and they are not worth a cracker.’