Definition of crabwise in English:


adjective & adverb

  • (of movement) sideways, typically in an awkward way.

    as adverb ‘supermarket trolleys that only go crabwise’
    as adjective ‘crabwise steps’
    • ‘Maybe some of them are trying to edge crabwise towards that end.’
    • ‘I manage to keep it in a straight line even though I swear I was going crabwise a while.’
    • ‘The ferryman just angled a rudderlike thing against the current and the barge began scooting crabwise across the river.’
    • ‘She has now learned to move, crabwise, the length of the sofa.’
    • ‘While he sees the FTSE and Dow Jones industrial average rising this year, the Nasdaq is set to head crabwise for perhaps eight years.’
    to the side, laterally, crabwise
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