Definition of coxa in English:


nounPlural coxae

  • 1Anatomy
    The hip bone or hip joint.

    • ‘The hip bone or os coxae is not subject to great variation.’
    • ‘The acetabulum is a hemispherical socket formed in the os coxae of a newborn.’
    • ‘These are the trochanter, which acts as a swivel joint for the leg, and the coxa, which anchors the leg to the body.’
    • ‘This allows the attachment of powerful muscles that might have provided the coxae with a strong rolling ability.’
  • 2Entomology
    The first or basal segment of the leg of an insect.

    • ‘Burke interpreted the ventral sclerite as being solely comprised of the sternite fused with the coxae.’
    • ‘First the skin tears under the carapace just above the coxae of the legs.’
    • ‘Offspring from each female were measured from the rostrum to the end of the last large coxa.’
    • ‘I assume that in lichids the coxae were spinose, and that their movements carried food particles forward along the midline.’
    • ‘The leg of the latter has few segments: coxa, basis, and perhaps four endopod segments.’


Late 17th century: from Latin, ‘hip’.