Definition of Cowichan sweater in English:

Cowichan sweater


  • (in Canada) a thick sweater decorated with symbols taken from the mythology of the Cowichan Indians of southern Vancouver Island.

    • ‘You will have to continue the tradition and knit two Cowichan sweaters for your kiddies.’
    • ‘A man had this Cowichan sweater specially made for his wife and I was so happy to find it.’
    • ‘These provide all the natural colours used in authentic Cowichan sweaters from creamy white through to brown and black.’
    • ‘As the Icelandic sweater is to Iceland, so the Cowichan sweater is to Canada.’
    • ‘In summer you can watch the creation of the famous Cowichan sweaters as they are hand - knit in one piece.’


Cowichan sweater