Definition of cowhand in English:



  • A person employed to tend cattle or to run a ranch.

    • ‘Allen never produces convincing evidence for equating rodeo performers with real working cowhands.’
    • ‘For the three months he'd spent there, he'd worked as a cowhand for Joel Diamond, the richest rancher in the territory.’
    • ‘Her voice was so loud Audrey was sure the cowhands must have heard her.’
    • ‘The boy was a skinny thing, more of a pretty boy than a cowhand, but he was willing to learn about the ranch.’
    • ‘It remains for other scholars to analyze more systematically the similarities and differences among western cowhands.’
    • ‘James Ackley loved to ride horses, and he was a cowhand through and through.’
    • ‘Born in Wigan and apprenticed in London, he failed in trade, and from 1643 worked as a cowhand in Surrey.’
    • ‘Latham said, ‘Well, he's the best cowhand I've ever had ride for me.’’
    • ‘I turned up at the dude ranch in jodhpurs, to the derision of cowhands and guests alike.’
    • ‘He was a rock-climbing instructor who had the wiry, efficient build of a cowhand.’
    • ‘As it was, the cowhand's intrusion gave him the excuse to punch someone.’
    • ‘The run down clothing, the wild red hair, and a purse made of hide all screamed, cowhand.’
    • ‘The town drunk was a battered old sot of a cowhand whose horse carried him home, passed out in the saddle, on Saturday nights.’
    • ‘But then both heard the war cry of a few of the braves as well as whoops from the cowhands with resounding bullets.’
    • ‘He had learned a lot of folk medicine from his father's Hispanic cowhands.’
    • ‘As Leo said, the saloon was soon full of miners, cowhands, and other people from around town.’
    • ‘Once in the saloon, Val overheard two cowhands discussing the matter.’
    • ‘He left behind him a daughter, the only family he had, and a cowhand who'd been his partner of sorts ever since he'd saved his life.’
    • ‘Female cowhands numbered far fewer but were still among the populace.’
    • ‘She took him by the hand and, to the cheers of some of the nearby cowhands, led him upstairs.’
    stockman, herder, drover, shepherd, cattleman, cowherd, cowhand, cowman, cowboy, rancher
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