Definition of cow pie in English:

cow pie


North American
  • A cowpat.

    • ‘I felt laughter bubble up as I thought of how Wyoming; home of the horses and cattle and cow pies, would handle Mandy.’
    • ‘Sure, in some areas you can still step in a cow pie or hear a snowmobile.’
    • ‘The Colorado River toad is about the diameter of a cow pie and makes a grand appearance only after our summer rains begin.’
    • ‘Stepping on a plastic toy disturbs your aura nearly as much as stepping in a cow pie.’
    • ‘Now that you've strapped on your leather chaps and sharp spurs, you can tell our favorite cow pie story!’
    • ‘The cows also devoured native grasses, transforming the landscape to little more than lumps of cow pies and sparse vegetation.’
    • ‘When Lee was four she had tested some cow pies herself when she had wandered off into a nearby farmer's field.’
    • ‘A fresh cow pie had served as a wet banana and assisted me as I slid to safety.’
    • ‘Alas, they were overlooked, which is why I think the Academy Awards are a big steaming pile of cow pie.’
    • ‘He has crawled under bushes, dodged cow pies and dangled from roof tops.’
    • ‘The whole thing falls as flat as a fresh cow pie.’
    • ‘Damon kicked aside the dried cow pies.’
    • ‘And the year after that, in the pastureland across the road, chain stores pop up like mushrooms among the cow pies.’