Definition of cow parsley in English:

cow parsley


  • A European hedgerow plant of the parsley family, which has fernlike leaves and large heads of tiny white flowers, giving the appearance of lace.

    Anthriscus sylvestris, family Umbelliferae

    Also called Queen Anne's lace
    • ‘Threads have been dyed in authentic colours of the period, using natural dyes which have been derived from plants like cow parsley.’
    • ‘Ragwort and cow parsley grew almost as high as the platform.’
    • ‘Lots of flowers down there at the moment - irises, hawthorn, buttercups, cow parsley, herb robert.’
    • ‘She also created more delicate designs: florets of cow parsley and Slovakian folk-style peasant motifs.’
    • ‘Wild chervil is another name for the common wild plant cow parsley.’
    • ‘The shop sold clotted cream, the paths were lined with split log fences and cow parsley and we were less than a mile from the sea.’
    • ‘They are the tap roots of a plant in the umbelliferae family which includes parsley, cow parsley and hemlock.’
    • ‘It was quite clear that the garden he was describing was an English idyll sprouting cow parsley, chestnut trees and long green grass.’
    • ‘With the onset of summer there's the cow parsley, poppies, honeysuckle, wild roses, speedwell, ragged robin and foxgloves.’
    • ‘Uncontrolled growth of weeds and cow parsley had totally concealed entrances.’
    • ‘Farmyards were heralded by cow parsley, and the woods reeked of wet dog.’
    • ‘Meadow flowers, like cow parsley and nettles, were being grazed by the occasional elk or aurochs.’
    • ‘I had a brief flurry of activity when the cow parsley stem I was using as a float started to jerk upstream.’
    • ‘The foaming heads of white cow parsley provide a superb foil to the pink peaflowers of the Judas tree.’


cow parsley