Definition of cover something up in English:

cover something up

phrasal verb

  • Try to hide the fact of illegal or illicit activity.

    ‘the prime minister was accused of trying to cover up the scandal’
    • ‘They fear the truth will be covered up and have criticised the Ministry for its handling of the investigation.’
    • ‘The response of ‘the establishment’ confirmed for some their suspicions that inconvenient truths would be covered up.’
    • ‘Abuse of steroids was rife, and it was covered up with implausible excuses.’
    • ‘Most of the resulting civilian detentions, torture and deaths are covered up.’
    • ‘Which was more shocking, that it happened or that it was covered up?’
    • ‘Activists contend that most deaths were covered up.’
    • ‘The crueler the camps became, the more fervently they were covered up.’
    • ‘What if I just turn myself in and try to strike a deal where my guilt is covered up in exchange for inside information?’
    • ‘Police believe the mistakes were covered up because admitting to the errors would leave them open to further scandal.’
    • ‘When you get a government investigation, things can be covered up and buried.’
    • ‘There is no doubt, in my opinion, that the real reason for the crash has been covered up.’
    • ‘If nothing else, it might have quelled the widespread suspicion that the incident had been covered up.’
    • ‘We have a Prime Minister who is prepared to make sure that things are covered up.’
    • ‘Such measures rather mean that old distortions are covered up while new ones are being created.’
    • ‘Many other episodes were covered up to protect him from the media.’
    • ‘Dirty tricks are dirty tricks and that is why they are covered up.’
    • ‘Yes, she was murdered in London about seven years ago, and it was covered up by the government.’
    • ‘Usually their proclivities are covered up or so widespread that it's a non-issue.’
    • ‘There will be a discrepancy in the police car surveillance videos if the arrest was covered up.’
    • ‘These injustices were covered up by the former Nationalist Party regime.’
    conceal, hide
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