Definition of couturière in English:



  • A female couturier.

    • ‘Cheers everyone… now can anyone tell me the difference between a centimètre de couturière and a règle japonaise, also accessories for couture?’
    • ‘Jack's Aunt Minnie's a swell old gal, and, more to the point, as ‘Roberta,’ the most fashionable couturière in all of Paris, she's sure to give the boys a hand.’
    • ‘Aesthetic touches and interesting decorative features indicate that Maud often worked closely with her couturières.’
    • ‘The great French couturières create perfectly balanced and fitting garments by modelling, which are looked upon as the hall-mark of style.’
    • ‘In the two-decade period between the World Wars, she points out, couturières, not couturiers - gals, not guys - dominated the field of designing for women.’