Definition of couture in English:



mass noun
  • 1The design and manufacture of fashionable clothes to a client's specific requirements and measurements.

    ‘designer ready-to-wear has taken over from couture as the focus of interest’
    as modifier ‘London couture houses’
    • ‘For the bold and the beautiful of Los Angeles, architectural collections now rival couture wardrobes.’
    • ‘For almost four decades, seamstresses in this sprawling sweatshop churned out what was once the height of haut couture.’
    • ‘Importantly, a variety of women sustained couture culture, not only as consumers but also as secondary designers, reinterpreting styles for their own bodies and lives.’
    • ‘His collection brought a mythic feel to his couture creations.’
    • ‘Sliding open the room's closet, she pulled out a plastic-wrapped couture masterpiece.’
    • ‘Also, it is tied to outdated models of brand-loyalty and presumes a familiarity with the work of couture houses.’
    • ‘Knit, leather, denim and couture creations were paraded down the runway by the leggy models in the form of gowns, pantsuits and ensembles that displayed an array of splashy colors.’
    • ‘It is amazing how the simple button, tassel and Ottoman quilting was raised to the altar of couture art.’
    • ‘For those unfamiliar with the finer points of couture, silk jersey is not a shiny pullover.’
    • ‘If you have a taste for the couture side of sewing, try a Hong Kong finish on all raw edges.’
    • ‘But the splendour of the details reflected the skill of the seamstresses who spend hundreds of hours on each made-to-measure couture creation.’
    • ‘Instead, they focus on designing true couture clothing for their clients who have very active social lives, but also hold important professional day jobs and are fashion-forward in their thinking.’
    • ‘I guess, I just find it strange still that people would starve themselves to fit into some impossible couture creation.’
    • ‘Many tops were corset-like, or had a exterior bra on them perhaps the sign of smart, feminine couture?’
    • ‘She became a couture model in the 1950s before quitting to study archaeology at London University.’
    • ‘A survey of the couture collections and a peek at some of the spring ranges heading for high streets stores confirms that there will be a strong set of key looks for spring and summer.’
    • ‘Today, so we are led to believe, we can create our own fashion statements by buying across the spectrum from charity shops to couture houses.’
    • ‘‘They want an oasis of calm that is private and intimate,’ says the man who charges £1, 000 for a private couture cut in his central London home.’
    • ‘It also didn't hurt that his couture leanings elevated the designs to new heights of cool and desirability.’
    • ‘The first one is the couture label, which translates some forms of traditional Indian techniques like batik, tie and dye, and vegetable dye prints into contemporary silhouettes.’
    1. 1.1 Fashionable made-to-measure clothes.
      ‘they were dressed in size eight printed-silk couture’
      • ‘They move among us, half-noticed and nameless, dressed in the discount off-the-rack couture of the South Asian sweatshops.’
      • ‘The reality is that any fashion, whether it is the latest couture gown or hair accessory like a scrunchie can work in the appropriate circumstances.’
      • ‘The French were all dripping in their finest couture, but Paris fashion was pretty dull in those days, to be honest.’
      • ‘Prices for the couture run around $70 for shirts and up to $625 for leather jackets.’
      • ‘The selection of textiles range from a fragment of printed cotton purchased at a flea market to Parisian couture gowns, African wall hangings and Turkish robes.’
      • ‘Hence my production has taken the form of everything from gallery installations to computer programs to couture dresses to CDs and books, all using the same language.’
      • ‘I wish I had, but no, I get dressed in five minutes in whatever couture is lying around my bedroom - like today, even though I look stunning.’
      • ‘His clothes are neither ready-to-wear nor couture - they are startling constructions which can frighten people.’
      • ‘With a couture frock costing as much as a term's student loan, high fashion is a minority pursuit.’
      • ‘That was the postwar fashion structure; couture was actually for older women who could afford to buy it, and a lot of it was too risqué for them - all that flesh in your face.’
      • ‘We like any woman who can slip into a couture gown and kick her foot higher than her head.’
      • ‘They were working in fashion and decided at the same time that the key element missing was the sexy underwear to go with couture.’
      • ‘Sandra's not your typical glamour girl in couture dresses.’
      • ‘They made an odd pair - he in his suits and ties and she in her twenty-something Old Navy couture, long skirts to cover her white skinny legs.’
      • ‘Social change was documented through the fashion pages, and '50s couture gave way to mini skirts and trouser suits, which in turn gave way to kaftans and kimonos.’
      • ‘He is a beau, a French Mr Darcy, dressed in the latest designer couture and with his hair worn in the disordered chic of the style à la Titus.’
      • ‘This site is based on the concept of ‘tribes’ - groups with a shared, central interest, from couture clothing to cigars.’
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1920s: French, ‘sewing, dressmaking’.