Definition of couta in English:



  • A barracouta (fish)

    ‘a couta ate half the salmon before we could get it ashore’
    • ‘Circulation areas are used in a limited way for display, especially for a few large iconic objects, such as a 'couta boat complete with unfurled sail at the front of the building.’
    • ‘At least the couta belly flaps were good for bait.’
    • ‘He was flattered to hear his "ancient couta boat" referred to as a yacht.’
    • ‘So greedy are the 'coutas that they will sometimes jump at the bait before it reaches the water.’
    • ‘Small snappers have difficulty with heads but a big snapper will crush and swallow a couta or whiting head like you or I will chomp a jelly baby.’
    • ‘Keep checking your bait, as you may never be aware that a 'couta is having a go at it.’


Late 19th century: abbreviation of barracouta.