Definition of courtyard in English:



  • An unroofed area that is completely or partially enclosed by walls or buildings, typically one forming part of a castle or large house.

    • ‘Walled and paved courtyards, which forced the animals to breed above ground, were used, so that the young could be easily removed.’
    • ‘The service quarters will be elevated a storey above the courtyard wall and will no longer be concealed.’
    • ‘They are generally surrounded by courtyards enclosed by walls or fences for privacy.’
    • ‘Prowling the halls and courtyards of the castle are legions of unholy creatures.’
    • ‘The garden, reflecting the Elizabethan fashion, has four courtyards enclosed by high sandstone walls.’
    • ‘It offers enclosed courtyards, with high cell walls, finished in a genuine rough, distressed look.’
    • ‘Our meeting with the King was then adjourned, and we went to the courtyards of the castle.’
    • ‘The downtown area is filled with brick buildings and courtyards, giving it an antiquated charm.’
    • ‘Inside, the old town wiggles and winds in on itself, a labyrinth of narrow alleys and high walls, hiding dark courtyards.’
    • ‘Clothing, blankets and children's toys were scattered throughout the buildings and courtyards.’
    • ‘This entrance forms an almost discrete passageway into the inner courtyards.’
    • ‘A terrace, or block of flats, or subdivided larger houses, or building cloisters and courtyards or whatever.’
    • ‘The house is a sequence of spaces with exterior courtyards and interior spaces woven together.’
    • ‘The resulting plan form includes a central hub, radial wings and segmental courtyards.’
    • ‘Privacy is very important, and many homes and other buildings open into private courtyards with concrete walls.’
    • ‘In much of the country, traditional houses are rectangular and have courtyards enclosed by high walls.’
    • ‘The long thin office wings enclose two hermetic internal courtyards or patios.’
    • ‘The wall contains three courtyards, of which the centre one is for the public.’
    • ‘Outside she sat at one of the high tables that were set up along the back courtyards walls, shaded by a flowering tree.’
    • ‘Most houses had inward-looking courtyards, and some used wind catches to circulate air.’
    yard, court, quadrangle, square, close, enclosure, precinct
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