Definition of court roll in English:

court roll


  • The record kept by a manorial court of rent paid and property held by tenants.

    • ‘As English court roll evidence becomes available, members of well-established local families can be found supporting each other in conflicts both within courts of law and outside.’
    • ‘A proto-version of the oath required from the new burgess is found in a court roll from 1339 / 40, with minor elaborations made in 1346.’
    • ‘This manuscript is a court roll presented during the trial in March 1309.’
    • ‘He had entered popular mythology by the mid-13th century, and we find outlaws like William Robehod in a court roll of 1261 being given his alias.’
    • ‘Copyhold literally meant ‘by copy of the court roll’, in other words by an agreement entered into the court rolls of the manor, and therefore approved by both landlord and tenant.’