Definition of court of review in English:

court of review


  • A court before which sentences previously imposed come for revision.

    • ‘There is a three-member court of review to hear appeals of denials of applications.’
    • ‘‘The real test must be to ask whether the reasons given by the Commission betray, to a significant extent, any of the defects which entitle a court of review to interfere’.’
    • ‘We are not sitting as a court of appeal but as a court of review, and it is no part of our duty to decide whether the Commission's conclusion was right or wrong but only whether it was lawful or unlawful.’
    • ‘Although hundreds of cases involving books of account were brought before higher colonial courts, many were ones in which the higher court served as a trial court, not the court of review.’
    • ‘The Supreme Court is not just a general appeal court of review.’