Definition of court of record in English:

court of record


  • A court whose proceedings are recorded and available as evidence of fact.

    • ‘At the time it was described as a superior court of record and treated as such.’
    • ‘But you cannot describe as a nullity an order made by a superior court of record, which is what the Crown Court is: section 4 of the Courts Act 1971.’
    • ‘Standing Order 112 is quite clear: matters awaiting or under adjudication in any court of record may not be referred to in any question, including a supplementary question.’
    • ‘Your Honours, this case raises an important question of the power of a superior court of record to make orders remedying or restraining breaches of statutes which could be classified as remedial or beneficial.’
    • ‘I think, your Honours, to the extent to which it would add to that, if anything, one sees the provisions of section 4 that ‘The Tribunal is a court of record.’’
    • ‘The Court of Appeal shall be a superior court of record.’
    • ‘An officer may, on the order or subpoena of a court of record,’
    • ‘There has been established a Supreme Court, designated as a superior court of record.’
    • ‘But, your Honours, when one goes to examine the theory as put by his Honour that because, take this case, the Federal Court is a superior court of record, certiorari will not lie.’
    • ‘As to that, your Honour, there is an appeal from a decision of a superior court of record which, in our respectful submission, gives us a properly constituted appeal.’
    • ‘We are talking here of a judge of a court of record and in a serious criminal trial where liberty is at stake.’
    • ‘The Court of Appeal is probably the court of record in our hierarchy that has the greatest pressure in the context of doing intellectually challenging work.’
    • ‘Under Article 215 of the Constitution the high court is a court of record and has the power to punish for contempt of itself.’
    • ‘I mean, if you become more specific and say it does not authorise the grant of certiorari to a superior court of record in circumstances where the parties have not appealed, you may be on better ground.’
    • ‘In any event, it is an undisturbed order of a superior court of record, the Federal Court, and it is valid.’
    • ‘The electoral court, proposed under the Electoral Bill, will have limited jurisdiction and only hear and determine election petitions and other matters and shall be a court of record.’