Definition of court of inquiry in English:

court of inquiry


  • A tribunal appointed to investigate a matter and decide whether a court martial is warranted.

    • ‘The court of inquiry confirmed that he was found near the Canal Bridge gate.’
    • ‘I can tell members that a court of inquiry is already under way, and, as is normal in such circumstances, there will also be a police inquiry.’
    • ‘In fact, the juxtaposition of that tale with the version adduced at the Reno court of inquiry in 1879 hardly makes for pleasant reading.’
    • ‘‘I have elected to convene a court of inquiry,’ he announced.’
    • ‘‘He was brought before a court of inquiry into irregularities in the Dublin Brigade,’ a source claimed.’
    • ‘The hearing was read transcripts from a court of inquiry held by the ministry of supply (the MoD's predecessor) in 1953.’
    • ‘The court of inquiry said yes, but our study shows no.’
    • ‘He has been relieved of his duties pending the outcome of a naval court of inquiry into the collision.’
    • ‘Nonetheless, when we examine their statements, it becomes clear that twenty-eight witnesses gave evidence to both courts of inquiry.’
    • ‘Most of it was discovered by the army six months after the collapse, when it held a court of inquiry into the affair.’
    • ‘When removed from command in 1813, Dearborn requested a court of inquiry to clear himself, a request that went unanswered.’
    • ‘But I think he's entitled to swim ashore if he can, and have a hearing in front of a court of inquiry in which the constitutional rights everybody has will apply to him also.’
    • ‘Many officers who had been accused informally of crimes such as cowardice and embezzlement demanded courts of inquiry to clear their name.’
    • ‘Two spectators told the courts of inquiry that the first shots were fired outside the park.’
    • ‘Yet the internal court of inquiry into his death, which was kept secret for 45 years, blamed his ‘personal idiosyncrasy’.’
    • ‘The army also organized a court of inquiry in January 1863 to determine the extent of military profiteering at Helena.’
    • ‘After a couple of discreet inquiries which seemed to confirm the allegation of faking, the Army instituted a court of inquiry into the action.’
    • ‘The Navy conducted a single court of inquiry to examine the conduct of one Marine Corps aviator.’
    • ‘Three witnesses told the courts of inquiry that they came under fire when they arrived at the park.’


court of inquiry