Definition of court dress in English:

court dress


mass noun
  • 1historical Formal clothing worn at a royal court.

    • ‘Trading her court dress for a more comfortable riding outfit, the Princess hurried to a stall that was familiar to her as her own room.’
    • ‘The Powell Street Gallery presents work by Chinese artist Di Lifeng which depicts solemn-eyed young women in the traditional court dress of the Qing Dynasty.’
    • ‘The Manchu Qing dynasty codified court dress, reviving the twelve symbols of imperial authority and reserving yellow for the exclusive use of the emperor and empress.’
    • ‘In addition, for official court dress the Manchus altered the Ming dragon robe by adding long fitted sleeves with horseshoe cuffs.’
    • ‘These costumes may be tempered by the needs of decorum in some cases, but they also constitute a striking departure from the stiff formalities of court dress.’
  • 2Official clothing worn in a court of law by those in the legal profession.

    • ‘The Faculty of Advocates is currently experiencing such a confrontation, with a senior Queen's Counsel campaigning for the abolition of wigs as part of legal court dress.’
    • ‘Wigs could become a thing of the past in English courtrooms under suggestions for modernising court dress.’