Definition of coupling rod in English:

coupling rod


  • A rod which couples the driving wheels of a locomotive, enabling them to act as a unit.

    • ‘Additional clearance can be generated by counterboring the coupling rod to accept the head of the bush.’
    • ‘The next step was the fluting of the main and coupling rods, an easy operation on the vertical mill.’
    • ‘The chassis is only gear-driven to the rear axle, the coupling rods transferring the drive.’
    • ‘If you haven't built it yet - do so - fuse it to the coupling rod or the wheel - it doesn't matter which.’
    • ‘This is to hold the 4 penny washers in place which in turn hold the coupling rods on the pins.’
    • ‘The big end bearing on the right hand coupling rod had some white metal repaired, by puddling up.’