Definition of county court in English:

county court


  • 1(in England and Wales) a judicial court for civil cases.

    • ‘The scope of the county court's jurisdiction on such an appeal is effectively the same as that of a conventional judicial review.’
    • ‘You have the right to appeal this decision to the county court, if there is a point of law which you believe has not been decided correctly.’
    • ‘It is more that there is a stark difference in my understanding of the powers of the county court and High Court jurisdictions…’
    • ‘Proceedings in England and Wales shall be brought only in a county court.’
    • ‘Permission is required from the Court of Appeal for any appeal from that court from a decision of a county court or the High Court which was itself made on appeal.’
    • ‘A full range of remedies is available in the employment tribunal or the county court, corresponding to those that would be available in any other action brought in those fora.’
    • ‘It does not now matter whether a decision by a district judge on an assessment of damages was made in the county court or in the High Court.’
    • ‘Once the Divisional Court has made a civil proceedings order, the order regulates the litigant's right of access not only to the High Court but also to the Court of Appeal and the county court.’
    • ‘There is no question of an early hearing in the county court because no appeal can lie to that court until the review is completed.’
    • ‘My attention was also drawn to the Adoption Rules 1984 which regulate proceedings in the High Court and county court.’
    • ‘Permission is required from the Court of Appeal for an appeal to that court from a decision of a county court (and this was a county court decision) which is itself made on appeal.’
    • ‘The relevant court will usually be the county court, since section 138 deprives a person who takes proceedings in the High Court of any costs.’
    • ‘The amount of the compensation awarded would correspond to the damages which the county court could have ordered in civil proceedings in like manner as a claim in tort.’
    • ‘The overuse of the county court has also had an impact on criminal cases in Manchester leading to delays in trials as civil cases often have to be heard in the Crown Court.’
    • ‘Apart from being more effective and more suited to victims' needs, the cost of a county court injunction is a fraction of the cost of a criminal case.’
    • ‘It also means that those not paying their fines will be dealt with in civil proceedings at the county court, rather than criminal proceedings in the magistrates court.’
    1. 1.1US A court for civil and criminal cases.
      • ‘They could have gone to the county court in Eagle County, Colorado, or the federal court in Denver.’
      • ‘If agreement can be reached, the contract must be filed with a county court where either of the parties lives.’
      • ‘A county court judge who has to gain public support for re-election to keep his or her job might not have been so inclined to dismiss a public indecency case.’
      • ‘There was a decision that needed to be made today on if jurisdiction would be shifted to the county court or would remain with the Judge.’
      • ‘Such national cases should not be handled exclusively by county court judges elected by - and accountable only to - the few thousand people in one particular community.’
      • ‘To the dismay of gay rights advocates, a county court dismissed his suit.’
      • ‘Yesterday's arguments centered only on the estate's argument that the county court has no jurisdiction in the case because so much time has elapsed.’
      • ‘The seven-member board of commissioners oversees the operation of county courts, the transportation system and a number of other administrative functions.’
      • ‘Spotty participation by the nation's 3,100 county courts, along with a hodgepodge of data formats, make national crime databases vastly incomplete.’
      • ‘If both parties to a civil case agree to hire a private judge, they can do so with the prior permission of the county court.’
      • ‘Moreover, it is interesting that the responses of landholders to the commissioner's questionnaire were subject to an audit in the county court.’
      • ‘Particularly valuable is his discussion of the lasting power exercised, both in partisan politics and in self-perpetuated county courts, by the landholding gentry.’
      • ‘When officials established county boundaries, created a county court, formed Frederick Town, and resurveyed the land, they transformed this vernacular landscape into an official one.’
      • ‘Examining the County's post-war county court cases, the scholar documents that whites, especially those in debt, also faced prosecution in county courts.’
      • ‘Truman's political career began with his 1922 election to a three-person county court from the rural, eastern part of Jackson County, which included Independence.’


county court